Andres Torres hitting mechanics: Aubrey Huff, stfu.

I wish I could find videos of the "old" Torres swing.  But he looks great in this newer ones.  After watching these, you should be convinced that Aubrey Huff was indeed joking when he said he, Aubrey, was the best athlete on the team.

These are videos of Andres Torres.
left handed mechanics aerial view:. Notice short swing with no hitch/loop whatsoever; his back foot swings out more than most hitters after contact. This suggests he lunges a little bit. Many players do this. eg. Ken Griffey jr.

 left handed batting practice, ground view. This is like poetry. Of course, its batting practice. In actual games is he uppercuts the ball a bit more than I would like from the left side. And that enormous bat is just weird.
right handed mechanics aerial view: . Again, no loop; excellent balance, though he lunges a bit like he does from the left side, and this allows him to drive to first base off his swing. I am going to time him to first from both sides, but I will bet you he has an amazing time for a right handed batter.
right handed ground view game hitting:. This is the so-called "inside out" swing. He keeps his hands inside the ball, and, most notably, doesn't roll his arms over like Rowand would do on this pitch. Watch how he shifts his weight at contact...his back leg collapses as his front leg straightens, then he comes back onto his back leg, as he starts to first. This is poetry.*  I don't want to get into the swamps of "rotational vs. wt transfer" hitting, because in reality they aren't that much different, and almost all hitters do both: impact the ball with all the weight on the front foot, and with the belt buckle rotating through the hitting zone.

Watch how short his stroke is. Hands just don't move until he swings.

highlight reel: watch Andres do his things. Aubrey, stfu.

*If you would like to see an even more dramatic example of the shift of weight to the front leg at impact, watch Mickey Mantle's back foot come off the ground in this right handed ground view. Mantle tried to hit a home run every time he swung.

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