OT: World of Color at Disney California Adventure

I was at the first ever public showing of the new water show Friday, June 11th at 9 p.m. and I have to pass on that this show is a must see.

Warning: Some spoilers ahead so read at your own peril.

I sat/stood in the Yellow section which is one of the 3 center sections in the new Paradise Park area.

At 8:30 they started a pre-show that involved large puppets of Genie, Mike Wazowski, Sebastian, Lumiere and Tigger each one representing a colored section where we were placed. Then two singing/dancing Cast Member Hosts led us in a singing competition using "Trashin' The Camp". Sebastian's section won after some questionable officiating then it was time for the show.

Here is a video of the show, but I warn you, this is nothing like experiencing it live:

The show was so huge that even if I kept my eyes moving at all times I could not take in everything that was going on.

There are effects that are on the surface of the water, 150 ft in the air at the top of a fountain, effects that play out in the crowd (including projecting the stampede into the viewing area, and fountains in the planters where you are viewing the show).

I am a 24 year old male and I admit that I was so drawn into the show that I teared up at the stampede scene (SPOILER: Mufasa dies). They show him falling while Simba screams, then show the scene where Simba climbs under Mufasa's paw as he is lying there. Then to twist the knife they start to play "So Close" by Jon McLaughlin from the "Enchanted" soundtrack, while screen orbs show other scenes of Simba and Mufasa.

There are other amazing scenes like the Buzz Lightyear scene and others that just made me yell and clap when I saw them.

The fountains are a star in their own right, as they danced with emotion and carried the show that does not have a narrative. So immersed in the show was the audience it did not matter that we got wet while watching, it almost felt part of the show.

I could go on about the show forever, but I will spare you all.

I end by saying if you have the time, make a trip to see this show. It plays every day until August, at least 2 times a night and sometimes 3. You will not regret it.

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