Giants 2010 re-draft (rounds 1-30 only)

First off, sorry for making 2 fan posts in one day-I know it can be a bit much. I was actually going to post this, but then I saw those post draft prospect lists on minor league ball...anyway that's neither here nor there. This is what the Giants draft would look like if I were running it.

My strategy would be to take the best talent in the first 2 days and then try to sign them and if a certain player proved to be unsignable then I would focus my money on another good prospect or group of good prospects-kind of like an insurance plan. I would then use the third day to pick filler for Salem Keizer and the AZL teams. This leads to more impact talent, but also a lot of unsigned draft picks.

Lastly, I do acknowledge that this draft would be unrealistic because I have the value of seeing how the draft played out, so that's an unfair advantage to me.

The rules for this draft is that all players must've been able when I picked-for example, I couldn't take anyone who was drafted 1-23 in real life at 24.

Players that I and the Giants drafted will be Bolded.

1-Nick Castellanos-3B-Archbishop McCarthy HS (Fla).

Giants Drafted-Gary Brown-OF-CSU Fullerton.

Castellanos Drafted: Supp. 1st round-Tigers

I would take Castellanos because he is one of the top prep bats in this draft, and a potential middle of the order hitter, and (though you never draft for need) he fills need-as I don't see Pablo lasting as a 3B. He fell to 24 because he is said to be wanting a hefty sum.

2-Jarrett Parker-OF-Virginia.

Parker is an athletic CF, that I had rated as a supplemental 1st round talent, he has upside though he needs to cut down on his strike outs.

3-AJ Cole-RHP-Oviedo HS (Fla).

Giants Drafted: Carter Jurica-SS-Kansas St

Cole Drafted: 4th round-Nationals.

Jeez I am raiding the Miami Hurricanes recruting class. Cole was projected as a first round talent-he even entered the year as the 2nd best prep arm behind Jameson Taillon. He has good value here, though he is reportedly asking for ~2 Million.

4-Seth Rosin-RHP-Minnesota.

Rosin could be a back end of the rotation starter or possibly a solid bullpen arm. He is good value here, and in the midst of taking a lot of high risk (in terms of signability) guys Rosin should be pretty signable.

5-Scott Frazier-RHP-Upland HS (CA).

Giants Drafted: Heath Hembree-RHP-College of Charleston

Frazier Drafted: 5th round-Phillies

Frazier is the first of my "insurance" picks. He is a 2nd-3rd round talent but offers solid upside, and if Cole wants too much money, I'd focus on trying to get Frazier.

6-Gauntlett Eldemire-OF-Ohio.

Giants Drafted: Mike Kickham-LHP-Missouri St

Eldemire Drafted: 6th round-Phillies

Eldemire not only has an awesome name, but he also has very good tools. He is also very raw though, overall though he is enticing enough to take him in the 6th and try to harness his tools.

7-Jabari Blash-OF-Miami Dade CC

Giants Drafted: Chuckie Jones-OF-Boonville HS (Mo.)

Blash Drafted: 8th round-Mariners

Blash is a similar type player to Eldemire-both are very raw, but have good ability. Blash was draft eligible last year, but did not sign-despite being offered 250K. He is a 4th year sophomore at Miami Dade so he should be signable this year.

8-AJ Kirby-Jones-1B-Tennessee Tech.

Giants Drafted-Joe Staley-C-Lubbock Christian.

Kirby-Jones drafted-9th round-A's

Kirby-Jones has tremendous power and good strike zone discipline. His range at 1B is limited, so if he makes the bigs it'll be because of his bat. FWIW the 8th round was the hardest to re-draft as both Kirby-Jones and Virginia Tech RHP Matthew Price are good prospects. I went with KJ because of signability.

9-Tyler Lyons-LHP-Oklahoma St

Giants Drafted: Chris Lofton-OF-Jones County (MS) JC.

Lyons Drafted: 9th round-Cardinals.

Lyons was left unsigned by the Yankees after their budget ran out (seriously), he has had an inconsistent year at Oklahoma St as his fastball lost some velocity. He could move to the 'pen, but if he can regain life on his fastball he could be a steal in the 9th round.

10-Dan Burkhart-C-Ohio St.

Time to mix in some signability. Burkhart is a good catcher who should be signable and could be a good mentor to young catchers like Tommy Joseph, Hector Sanchez, and Johnny Monell.

11-Tyler Cannon-INF-Virginia.

Giants Drafted: Adam Duvall-2B-Louisville

Cannon Drafted: 12th round-Indians.

Cannon is a personal favorite. He played SS at Virginia, but lacks the range to stay there in pro ball. I would actually try him as a catcher, as some have said that he has a chance to catch.

12th round-Austin Wilson-OF-Harvard-Westlake HS (CA).

Giants Drafted: Stephen Harrold-RHP-UNC Wilmington

Wilson Drafted: 12th round-Cardinals.

While Harrold may be the flashy pick, I feel that Wilson should sign for slot and be able to get started right away and could be a solid 4th OF...Okay, awful sarcasm aside I'd take Wilson here in case one or two of my above slot signings fall through and I have 5 million bucks lying around on August 16 (signing day).

13th round-DeAndre Smelter-RHP-Tattnall Square Academy HS (Ga).

Giants Drafted: Mark Christman-RHP-South Carolina-Sumter JC

Smelter Drafted: 14th round-Twins.

Smelter is another "insurance policy" in case Cole or Frazier fall through. Smelter was projected as a 2nd-3rd round talent.

14th round-Jake Eliopoulos-LHP-Chipola JC

Giants Drafted: Raynor Campbell-INF-Baylor

Eliopoulos Drafted: 15th round-Dodgers.

Eliopoulos is from Canada and was drafted by the Blue Jays last year, but didn't sign. He went to Chipola JC (where LeVon Washington also went) and while Washington struggled a bit, nowhere near the extent that Eliopoulos did. Jake actually left the team and pitched in a Semi-Pro league in Canada. Signability is a question mark.

15th Round-Andrew Barbosa-LHP-South Florida.

The Giants have drafted Barbosa 3 times. He is 6'8, and in the later rounds taking a signable guy, getting a guy who towers over everybody makes them, at the very least intriguing.

16th round-Stefan Sabol-C-Aliso Niguel HS (CA).

Giants Drafted: Austin Fleet-RHP-Coastal Carolina

Sabol Drafted: 17th round-Braves

Sabol was a guy who was a potential 2nd or 3rd round pick but had an inconsistent spring, and that combined with his price tag pushed him down to this level. He is another insurance pick.

17th round-Kris Bryant-3B-Bonanza HS (NV).

Giants Drafted: Ryan Bean-RHP-Edmonds CC (Wash.)

Bryant Drafted: 18th round-Blue Jays

Bryant has the famous (or infamous?) Light Tower Power. He definitely has some warts though as his desire and defense were questioned. He was probably a 3rd-5th round talent with upside.

18th round-Brandon Allen-RHP-Milton HS (Fla).

Allen is probably my favorite prospect from the Giants draft. He is 6'6 190-and I do love tall pitchers. His stuff does not match his size though, as he only throws in the high 80's. I hope he signs because I think Dick Tidrow could turn him into a top prospect.

19th round-Eric Jaffe-RHP-Bishop O'Dowd HS (CA).

Giants Drafted: Austin Southall-OF-University HS (LA).

Jaffe Drafted: 19th round-Red Sox.

Jaffe is a local product, from the bay area. He fits into the insurance category with all the prep RHP's.

20th round-Brett Bochy-RHP-Kansas.

Bochy, or little big head, as I've nicknamed him is actually a decent prospect. He was projected as a 7-10th round pick before having TJ surgery. Some have said he is similar to Giants closer, Brian Wilson. Also I hope he makes it, so Bruce can move him to 1B when he reaches the majors.

21st Round-Dillon Moyer-SS-Pendleton HS (Fla).

Giants Drafted: Zach Arneson-RHP-CSU Bakersfield

Moyer Drafted: 22nd Round-Twins.

Moyer is the son of Phillies LHP Jamie Moyer. A prep SS in the 22nd round is usually a worthy gamble, especially one with baseball bloodlines.

22nd Round-Dominic Ficociello-3B-Fullerton HS (CA)

Giants Drafted: Bobby Haney-SS-South Carolina.

Ficociello Drafted: 23rd round-Tigers.

Ficociello is Castellanos insurance for me (as I'm guessing he is for the Tigers). I like Ficociello better as a prospect than other 3B insurance pick, Kris Bryant.

23rd Round-Adam Champion-LHP-Arkansas Little Rock

Giants Drafted: Alec Asher-RHP-Lakeland HS (Fla).

Champion Drafted: 24th round-Astros

Champion was drafted in the 23rd round by the Giants last year-so why not again? He is a tall lefty and should be signable-all things I like.

24th round-Ethan Wilson-SS-Indiana.

Giants Drafted: Kyle Wilson-3B-North Carolina St

E. Wilson Drafted: 25th round-White Sox.

Signable Middle Infield filler > Signable corner infield filler.

25th round-Daniel Gibson-LHP-Jesuit HS (Fla).

Giants Drafted: Brett Krill-OF-UCLA

Gibson Drafted: 26th round-Brewers.

Oh good, another insurance pick. Gibson was gaining helium as he humped up on his velo and was a potential top 200 pick.

26th Round-Nick Gallego-2B-UCLA

Giants Drafted: Jason Arnold-C-Louisville

Gallego Drafted: 27th Round-DBacks.

Another part of my strategy-when you have a chance to filler out the short season rosters, try and grab players from powerhouse schools. UCLA fits into that category.

27th Round-Eric Sim-C-South Florida.

Teams can never have enough catchers, and Sim can help the young catchers learn to adjust to teammate Andrew Barbosa.

28th Round-Jonathan Jones-OF-Long Beach St.

Giants Drafted: Gasper Santiago-LHP-Ranger JC (TX)

Jones Drafted: 29th Round-Blue Jays.

Another part of my strategy-when you have a chance to filler out the short season rosters, try and grab players from powerhouse schools. The Dirtbags fit into that category.

29th Round-Brian Ragira-OF-Martin HS (TX).

Giants Drafted: Jose Cuevas-SS-Lee.

Ragira Drafted: 30th Round-Rangers.

Ragira is probably the 2nd toughest sign in the draft behind Dodgers 1st round pick Zach Lee. Ragira has a Stanford commitment and is a Boras client. Ragira is basically an emergency fund.

30th Round-Taiwan Easterling-OF-Florida St.

Giants Drafted: Ryan Bradley-LHP-Southern Illinois-Carbondale.

Easterling Drafted: 31st Round-Marlins.

I wanted Easterling because I think his speed would play well...OK, I kid. I wanted him because I think someone (JCB9?) said he liked Easterling's name and I am a man of the people!


Rounds 31-50 I'd just use as roster filler for Salem Keizer and the Arizona league.

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