I am a proud member of the lunatic fringe.

I simply can't take it anymore.  I've given Sabean every benefit of the doubt.  i blamed 07 and 08 on the fact that they kept Bonds too long and essentially sacrificed two years so he could chase a record and the owners could rake in the money.  I blamed that on Baer not Sabean.

I've watched time and time again as the Giants sign mid level (at best) aging Free Agents, contending that they actualy can't sign the big guys cause they don't want to hit at AT&T. 

I've excused his thin skin.

But I just can't do it anymore.  His public persona is beyond the pale.  He seems to revel in being a jerk.  Time and time again he makes claims about great offers made to free agents that they don't get only to have the player say that the Giants didn't really pursue them.  I guess I could assume they are all lying.  But after a while, you have to see the obvious.

I grow weary of the constant double standard of the organization - if you are an old player with a "proven" track record (never mind if the proof was 3 years ago) you get chance after chance after chance.  if you are younger (in terms of ml service) you produce NOW or you sit - or get sent down.

I'm sick to death of the inability to understand that this team plays in a park that is condusive to having at least SOME speed.  Big gaps, hard to hit it out.  How bout signing some guys that can run - and better yet - run AND have decent OBP.  They do exist. 

I'm sick of signing free agents (or worse yet trading for veterans) that are damaged goods.  My gawd what the frig is the team doctor doing?

I'm sick and tired of what I perceive as a stunning lack of imagination.  Leading again to Posey.  Sabean has bought into this "he has to learn to call games" crap - or worse yet, he's generated it.  Not ready my ass.  The guy should be behind the plate at least a couple times a week.  He can play first base the rest of the time.  Then next year when Molina is gone he's got the role full time.  This way he's eased into it.  Not a bad way to go.  He'll learn a lot about "handling games" on those days he doesn't catch by watching or better yet - from 1b.  If Molina bitches about a reduced role - too flipping bad.  I mean for christ sakes they are now pinch running for him in the 7th inning of a 1 run game with the odds being that exactly what happened yesterday - Whiteside up  in the 9th two outs etc.  yeah that's Bochy I suppose.  But they are twin sons of different mothers anyway.

Brian Sabean - Torture.












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