The Giants will never compete in a seven-game series


A lot of people are and will be cursing out Bruce Bochy and Brian Wilson for this game. Tim looked a bit tired, but I think he could have gone at least one more batter. Brian has been perfect all year so he was due to blow it. You can also argue that the pitch before the 3-run hit definitely should be a strike. But it wasn't called and we lost the game. That's it. Bochy should have let Tim pitch one more, the game wouldn't have been decided at that point. TO SUM IT UP:

  • Velez is still terrible
  • Nate for league MVP
  • Pitching staff rocks
  • Us vs. the "best"
  • We will do this all year

Velez is still terrible: Please don't be shocked that Eugenio Velez sat down and ate dinner with the left-field wall, then dropped the next batter's routine pop fly as he went with the "one-handed I'm too kewl for school" style. Velez has always been terrible and should never see any outfield playing time or at-bats.. Yet BOCHY subbed him in in the eighth over Bowker; Velez is terrible. If you follow FIRE-SABEAN you would know we broke that story a long, long time ago. Not to mention, he was at-bat in a 7-6 game with runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out in the bottom of the 11th. He manages to get Uribe out at home with a groundball to first base. YES!

Nate for league MVP: -Nate Schierholtz deserves a tip of the cap -- which is a long time coming as he should have been out there over Velez/Bowker from the get-go - but that's a different beast in itself. He has always had one of the best arms and bone structure I have ever seen and he finally showed it off this series. That play on Ryan Howard where Howard jogged into second and got tagged out was awesome, and also a snapshot of big-leaguers these days. When Rowand is healthy I'd love a Bowker, Rowand, Schierholtz outfield just once -- but we know that will never happen. Ever. Anyway, I'm pumped for Nate.

Pitching staff rocks: Specifically, starting pitching rotation. Unbelievable, night in and night out. No complaints, none whatsoever.

Us vs. "the best": If you gave me infinity-to-one odds that the Giants would win the series against St. Louis and Philadelphia I wouldn't have given you a nickel, so either way it's a pleasant surprise. Still, the team needs to play at a high level constantly to even be mentioned in the same breath as the aforementioned squads. Here is why, even though we won both of the series, the Giants are not on the same level as the teams we just beat.

Teams like Philadelphia and St. Louis have outstanding pitching AND hitting all the time. They are the two teams that pop up when you think about tops in the National League.. Yes, the Giants seemed to hit better lately (even against all-star pitchers), but again, consistency needs to be seen or this team will always be those "almost there" Giants. You can't argue, however, with a +.500 record.

But you can argue with the way we have been guided here by our front office. You can argue the reason we have no hitting is because of the lack of deal-finishing ability good ol' Sabes has. You can argue that this team should be better. Sure we took an April series against both of those teams, but that's all we've taken. It's still early and this team still needs to learn a lot (sound like last year?).

But it was a valiant effort and hopefully we still have some confidence left going into the Colorado series. Still, this one hurts -- a la Dodgers v. Giants.. Romo.. you know the rest. Our hearts can't be broken again, the team must step up and realize it's one game in 162. We have our first series against the Rockies this weekend, it's a lot bigger than this game.

We will do this all year: Bottom line and back on track: The Giants will do this to us all year because of the players Sabean has put together. Can't complain about the lineup, but seriously, this will happen all year. Unless we fight the fight and FIRE SABEAN AND BOCHY.

We have a decent team, no one is arguing that. But we can't climb out of deficits and we can't fully depend on our pitching because sooner or later in the playoffs a hot team will run all over us.


BRUCE BOCHY GRADE: F. Tim could have had one more hitter, Velez could have stayed in the minors.

CONCLUSION/CLIFFS ON WALL OF TEXT: The Giants will never compete in a seven-game series because our bullpen will have breakdowns and against teams that have been there before and have a relentless onslaught of talent. We, on the other hand, have pitching. Go pitching!

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