Ode to Spring (Training)

I wrote this back in spring of 2006, and the Cardinals went on to win the World Series. Since that obviously means that I am directly responsible for their championship (science!), I apologize that "With the Giants in Scottsdale" just isn't quite as musical to my ear.

With The Cardinals In Jupiter


With the Cardinals in Jupiter
Comes the dawning of the Spring,
Though some would say the robin
Or the groundhog-shadow thing.

But the answer's not the redbreast,
Nor 'tis the Equinox,
Nor the budding of the cherry trees,
Nor changing of the clocks.

No, the harbinger of springtime
Is a pitcher checking in;
It's the oiling of a glove
'Til it makes a second skin.

The unpacking of the lumber,
The testing of a swing,
And the Cardinals in Jupiter
Are the dawning of the spring.

It's when a Grapefruit demigod
Hits bombs in batting practice
As a legendary thief
Swipes bags among the Cactus.

It's when you're sitting in the bleachers
And the season nears a birth,
That you're as close to Paradise
As you'll ever get on Earth.

For it's now that every fan can know,
"This year will bring a ring!"
And the Cardinals in Jupiter
Mark the dawning of the spring.

It's now the grizzled graybeard
Shakes off the rust of winter
And every rookie phenom
Is a second Splendid Splinter.

It's when buddies armed with franks and brew
Debate a bunt or hit-and-run,
And old Jack Frost is driven out
By a warming midday sun.

And the crowd is really roaring,
And in the seventh sings,
And the Cardinals in Jupiter
Bring the dawning of the spring.

It's here in horsehide heaven,
Here in training Vernal,
Where even in a Cub fan
Hope can spring eternal.

For we all hit .350 here,
And turn the 6-4-3,
And break off wicked sliders,
And drop a perfect squeeze.

It's here where Babe still calls his shot,
And Willie chases down the ball,
And Ernie's out there playin' two,
And Vin has got the call.

And now the grass is mowed,
And chalk laid to mark the lines,
And they've finished singing to the flag,
And coach is running through the signs

And now the pitcher's looking in,
And now in steps the batter,
And from all around the infield
There comes the hum of chatter.

Now each and every one of us
Can of October dream,
And the only time that Casey bats
Is for the other team.

Now summer's 'round the corner
And baseball reigns as king
And a flock of Cards leaves Jupiter
At the dawning of the spring.

This FanPost is reader-generated, and it does not necessarily reflect the views of McCovey Chronicles. If the author uses filler to achieve the minimum word requirement, a moderator may edit the FanPost for his or her own amusement.

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