Help Baron! Get a baseball story!


(Posted with express written consent from Grant.)


I'm in dire need of funds to get my car back. The alternator died in January and I haven't had money to fix it. I did not want to spend money that I don't have on a parking permit to store it at school when the car does not work. I asked a friend if I could park it in front of her house in Sunnyvale until I could get the money together for repairs.


The City of Sunnyvale towed my car last week. It's in a tow yard now. I need emergency money quickly to get my car back. Every day the car sits in the yard is more money I need. I have almost no money to my name. I have a job, but it doesn't pay much.


Car needs repair-estimate of about $300 for parts and labor

Need parking permit-another $300-ish. Unfortunately San Jose State parking costs are not cheap. I have no place to put the car otherwise, and I need it to be with me starting in April when my MiLB job kicks in. If I don't reclaim the car in 40 days or so, I'll lose it to a police auction.

Need to get the car out of tow yard in Sunnyvale-no idea how much has accrued by now. It was $255 when the car was towed, plus $55 per day, and a $85 gate fee to open the gate after hours and on weekends if I go during off-hours, which I might because of my work/school schedule.


Here's what I want to do. Rather than just beg for money, I'm asking for donations in exchange for an original short story.


James Madison Washington aka Moon, a black kid, and Batsu Nijiyama aka Boss, a nissei (second-generation Japanese-American), are two friends and ballplayers in California in the last years before Jackie Robinson. Both have a chance at baseball stardom when they learn they're being scouted way out in Stockton--then interment happens. It will contain strong language. No slash (sorry). I have to write something for everyone. Everyone loves baseball, right?


Donations: $0.25/word, max $1500.

Word count: no more than 6000 words. This is not set in stone. If it goes over a bit, so be it.


What you get: a PDF with the story. Last page(s) of the PDF will contain the names of all donors.

Thank you card from me, personally addressed. Please leave your name and mailing address in a message on your PayPal payment if you wish to receive a thank you card.


Goal: $1500 by Mon 3/8. Please donate what you can. I'm not asking for much from any one person. If I have to extend it a few days to get the cash I need, I’ll do it. But I’d like to wrap it up by next Monday.


Click on the button below to donate. I really need help here and I hate even asking like this, but it's an emergency.


THANK YOU EVERYONE. Each person who donates will have a hand in saving my life.

Okay so I don't know why the PayPal HMTL isn't working. To donate via PayPal please send to Thanks!

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