One More Prospect List: SFDugout Top 50

With games about to start, it's time to finish off the prospect lists.  We've finished posting our 50 prospects, and here's the list with some comments about some of our more...controversial rankings.

#1. Buster Posey
#2. Madison Bumgarner
#3. Thomas Neal
#4. Brandon Crawford
#5. Zack Wheeler
#6. Roger Kieschnick
#7. Kevin Pucetas
#8. Dan Runzler
#9. Conor Gillaspie
#10. Nick Noonan
#11. Kyle Nicholson
#12. Brock Bond
#13. Matt Downs
#14. Waldis Joaquin
#15. Jason Stoffel
#16. Joe Martinez
#17. Clayton Tanner
#18. Tommy Joseph
#19. Francisco Peguero
#20. Steve Edlefsen
#21. Rafael Rodriguez
#22. Dan Turpen
#23. Jorge Bucardo
#24. Craig Clark
#25. Brett Pill
#26. Jesus Guzman
#27. Joe Paterson
#28. Eric Surkamp
#29. Christopher Dominguez
#30. Dan Otero
#31. Daryl Maday
#32. Mike McBryde
#33. Evan Crawford
#34. Ryan Cavan
#35. Darren Ford
#36. Ryan Rohlinger
#37. Drew Biery
#38. Hector Sanchez
#39. Bryan Salsbury
#40. Henry Sosa
#41. Ari Ronick
#42. Aaron King
#43. Ryan Verdugo
#44. Ben Copeland
#45. Geno Espineli
#46. Juan Perez
#47. Wendell Fairley
#48. Julio Izturis
#49. Kelvin Marte
#50. Ehire Adrianza

#8A. Angel Villalona

• How do we do our rankings?  Well, we have different views than some.  Our rankings are oriented on likelihood to be a major leaguer, rather than simply looking at ceiling, and is as production-based and tools-based.  We try to walk a midline between stats and scouting.

• Kevin Pucetas in the Top 10?  Yep.  He has major league velocity (low 90's fastball), four good pitches, and good control.  And other than a really bad month to end the season, he was an All-Star pitcher in AAA at 24.  He's not an ace, but I like him to be a #3-4 pitcher in the bigs for a long time; cheap and effective.  And I like him to win the 5th starter spot out of Spring Training.

• Tommy Joseph came out lower than some out of our production-based system, but it's hard to be too high on a high school slugger with positional problems without actually seeing how his tools will play against pitchers who can throw breaking pitches.

• The reliever issue was brought up a few weeks ago, but I'll say it again: just because a decent reliever can be found on the scrap heap once in a while doesn't mean a team should rely on it.  Turpen, Edlefsen and Paterson get ranked higher on our list than others because they have good chances to be that player for more than a year at a time.  Stoffel and Runzler get even higher because of closer potential.

• Rafael Rodriguez-another high potential but low producing player so far.  The complete lack of power production is the issue.  It's a key to his high value, and to have no hint of it keeps us a little low.

• Ehire Adrianza - Two words: Sharlon Schoop.  We've heard this story before.  Until we see more out of him, we won't fall for it again.  I've seen his bat, and I don't think he can do the adjustments needed to be effective.  And his defense wasn't that impressive to me, and I love a great defender.

Enjoy, and feel free to rip to shreds.

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