This week's ST observations

I just spent every lunch this week and half-day on Wed and Friday at ST this week. Sadly, unless you're a scout, there's not much to report other than simple observations. Also, if you're looking for prospect updates, most of the minor leaguers practice on the back field, which isn't visible to the public, unless you find a peep hole.

Here are a couple items I observed:


Having never seen Aubrey Huff in person before, dude is much thinner than I expected. He has plenty of pop in BP, but who doesn't (except most of the Giants). He seems to have a good vibe, and seemed to be joking around a lot with the guys. He has a quirky throwing motion, and his glovework needs some help. JT just picks them out of the dirt so effortlessly, and Huff looked like he hadn't done it for years, which was a little alarming.

DeRosa looks good for just coming off of wrist surgery. Mainly line drives, but the ball seemed to be coming off well.

Freddy Lewis doesn't seem to be as ahead as he was coming into spring last year. IIRC, last year he showed up early and "was in the best shape of his life". He doesn't appear to be on the same pace as last year, which is disappointing because I want him to do well to shut up Mavo on Baggs' blog.

Uribe looked like Uribe. He can definitely put them out in BP with the best of 'em.

Posey continued to impress. Not only did he hit the longest shot to left that I saw, but the guy runs everywhere he goes. So while all the vets are casually walking from the pen to the field, and the other rooks are so lost they don't even know where they're going, Posey runs in full catchers gear everywhere he's going. Man on a mission.

The final group of hitters to take BP was pretty uninspiring. Burress, Torres, Frandsen, and Rollinger (I think, maybe a Holm in there?). Like watching paint dry. I haven’t seen Bowker swing, but he’s there, just not with any of the main groups.


The Timmy v. Sandoval showdown was fun, but it's just too early for the hitters to have a chance against him. The Timmy v. Huff introduction was more enjoyable, as I don't believe Huff had ever seen him. It was pretty comical as Huff clearly didn't have a chance against him. Huff seemed to have a good laugh about it, especially after he swung through one of his filthy change ups. One of the coaches yelled to Huff something about how he's not gonna get any softballs, "This ain't the AL anymore!"

Steve Johnson’s stuff looked legit. He was pretty untouchable. I’m really intrigued by what he offers. Does he have a chance to make the team? Baggs mentioned Mota, who definitely looked good. I also liked what I saw from Tanner and Clark.


Romo and Wilson looked sharp. I’m getting pretty pathetic now that I can tell who’s coming in to pitch by watching their throwing motion as they warm up in the outfield pen. Even worse that I can point out the beat writers. I’m forgetting some pitchers too.


It was cool to see Affeldt running stadiums with his little boy, out amongst the fans. There are a lot of old annoying cubs fans who come out, so they probably had no clue who he was. Also, Mr. Bow Tie was out and about, but was incognito wearing a blue polo with no tie.


I’ll be out at the intersquad game on Monday for my lunch (and maybe a little longer, this game is my favorite part of the pre-spring).

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