Predictions vs. Outcome


OR, Roster Fantasy vs. Roster Reality

(I changed my handle, but I've been around for a little while. I'm not a complete newbie.)

In early November I made the following predictions for how the Giants off season would go. I'm wondering if people were thinking along the same lines.

"Here are a few guesses. Some of these are alternative versions

SP Tim Lincecum
SP Matt Cain
SP Barry Zito
SP Jonathan Sanchez
SP Justin Duchscherer
SP Madison Bumgarner"

-Commentary: The difference? - the A's held on to Duchscherer and the Giants handed out minor league contracts. Madison is still in the mix.

For relief pitchers

"LRP Joe Martinez
MRP Brandon Medders
MRP Waldis Joaquin
MRP Dan Runzler
SU Jeremy Affeldt
SU Sergio Romo
CL Brian Wilson"

-Commentary: This is still basically the case, although there are others in the mix, including the minor contracts.

IF Edgar Renteria
Matt Downs may get called upon again
Eric Byrnes signs a minor league contract with the Giants"

Yarrh. Ishi was correct, but Renteria is starting. The other two were small predictions.

"I expect the Giants to look at these guys:
Nick Johnson
Adrian Beltre
Mark DeRosa
Xavier Nady
Russell Branyan
Rick Ankiel
Mike Cameron
Chone Figgins"

-Commentary: As it turned out, Mark DeRosa was the only guy on that list who got a contract with the team. Aubrey Huff flew under the radar. Beltre signed with the Red Sox for more money than I think we would have liked. Chone Figgins probably got more $ from the Mariners than we would have liked. Russell Branyan is still an intriguing no-sign. Nady would have been unnecessary since we have 3rd/4th outfielders already. I think Aaron Rowand got in the way of Mike Cameron. 


Eugenio Velez / Andres Torres
Freddy Sanchez
Pablo Sandoval
Nick Johnson / Russell Branyan
Juan Uribe / Mark DeRosa
Nate Schierholtz / John Bowker
Aaron Rowand
Buster Posey

-Commentary: I'm glad the top of the lineup changed, and I'm glad Pablo Sandoval is currently slated to bat third. I'm less enthused that the catcher spot will be at 6th with Bengie Molina (it's better than 4th or 5th, but still...), and I still wish Nick Johnson had a place on this team. Aubrey Huff and Mark DeRosa very well could be a spark on this team, but we're waiting to see. Essentially, the Giants dropped Randy Winn and Rich Aurilia and picked up those guys. At some point I wrote that Fred Lewis would end up on the Padres. That still could happen, since he's in their pay range with potential upside. I'd much rather keep him and make him useful, but that doesn't appear to be the case. I'm happy with the Starting Pitching I have tempered happiness about the Catching (happier if Buster Posey develops well; frustrated if BMolina gets grumpy). Pablo Sandoval is the one above league average position player. The rest provide depth and a solid base that is underwhelming, but could be built for a full season in ways the Giants haven't been in a few years.

The summative grade I give these Hot Stove decisions: B

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