Who Should Replace SIRM as the Most Hated Dodger

While it looks like SIRM is heading to the Yankees, and therefore will still be easy to hate, but still I feel like there will be a void in McC next year, without all of the SIRM jokes, GIFS etc. So I thought it would be appropriate to set up a pole and select someone to replace SIRM as the most easily dislikable Dodger and alleged blower of goats. 

The Candidates:

Juan Uribe - So did Juan spurn the Giants offer of 3 years and $20M or an identical 3 years and $21M, we'll probably never know, but either way it was close and it sure didn't seem like he was too interested in giving the Giants a chance to match. Still, he did help the Giants become WORLD CHAMPIONS, but in a way that kind of makes it worse.
Career vs. Giants: .159/.195/.278, 3 HR's.

Casey Blake - The guy just looks like douche-bag, but other than his mimicking of B-Weezy's post game tribute to his father, I'm not familiar with many other indiscretions on his part other than the fact that he has pretty unimaginative beard.
Career vs. Giants .254/.333/.445, 9 HR's

Rod Barajas - He's going to replace SIRM in the Dodgers lineup, so maybe there could be a transference of  hate from Martin to Barajas, but other than having come up with the Diamondbacks I've found little else to inspire the same kind of contempt for him. 
Career vs. Giants: .159/.228/.292, 4 HR's

Matt Kemp - Well known for not trying very hard, he's had some run-ins with Dodger's management over loafing it in the OF and generally seems like a prick, however, his lack of effort in the OF would seem to help the Giants. 
Career vs. Giants: .291/.346/.433, 5 HR's

Clayton Kershaw - He's actually pretty damn good, so that alone makes him easy to dislike, but he also looks like he just stepped off the set of Deliverance II, which makes the joke a little easier. Still he hasn't been around long enough to do anything terribly unlikeable, besides playing for Satan's team.
Career vs. Giants: 1-1, 1.46 ERA, 38 K's, 1 CGSO

Andre Ethier - Besides being a goody two shoes and also being a fairly good player, not a ton to dislike aside from playing for the Fodgers. 
Career vs. Giants: .296/.382/.466, 9 HR's

Rafael Furcal - This guy seems to kill the Giants, that is when he isn't hurt. 
Career vs. Giants: .300/.383/.411, 36 RBI's

Once you get past Uribe and Blake, there's not too much there to inspire a whole lot of bondslegend caliber venom, but my vote is for Uribe, although we'll always have Tommy Lasorda to hate, fat fuck. 

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