My homage to the San Francisco Giants

Before I pay tribute to the San Francisco Giants, let us revel once more in the beautiful following phrase:

- 2010 San Francisco Giants: World Series Champions. -

This may be the greatest phrase I have ever read, written, or spoken.

And with that, I want to thank everyone associated with the Giants. From the youngest of fans to those who paved the way all the way back in New York.

My story is not one of the longest tenure or most unique scenario. While I loved the 49ers around 5 years old (1989), it wasn't until I was 9 years old (in 1993) when I caught the most severe case of "Giants Fever." I have yet (and never will) become immune to this fever. I am an insatiable 3rd generation Giants fan, and I bleed as much orange and black as I do 49ers red & gold. Back in grade school I would watch every game I possibly could. Any game I couldn't watch on TV I would listen to on the radio. I would intently read the local sports page (Sacramento Bee) every day, and by the end of that season I felt like I had been both a baseball and Giants fan for decades. Who needed to do homework when you could obsess with baseball? I couldn't miss a pitch, and I had to watch every move by my hero Matt Williams.

And with that, I owe as much to Peter McGowan as any Giants fan. He truly saved this franchise from leaving, and I never would have had to opportunity to catch the fever without what he was able to do for this franchise. I suppose you could say I am a child of that re-born '93 team. I was born a Giants fan with Clark, Williams, Thompson, Burkett, Swift, Beck, Bonds, and Baker.

And how fitting is this 2010 team? We all suffered and celebrated our wondrous "torture." For me, that torture started at the end of 1993. We all knew that was an amazing team. Hell, you could argue it was the best team in baseball that season, yet something was missing: A playoff berth. For many people, this continued the long-term struggles from an up and down franchise that could get so close only to have the rug ripped from beneath their feet (let alone fear of having the entire franchise ripped from their city). But for this kid, 1993 lit a ravenous fire. My blood boiled, and it boiled pure orange and black.

And for me the rest is history. I love this franchise like none other. The depth of history, the flood of Hall of Fame individuals, the historic teams, the tremendous stories that span the Giants franchise back to the 19th century, the best-in-baseball broadcasters, and every exciting moment will always be embroidered in my mind, heart, and spirit.

This 2010 team means everything to me, from the aforementioned 1993 squad to the 1997 squad or the 2002 heartbreak to the post-Bonds struggles. And yet I can only imagine what it means to the longest tenured fans. Those that had the fever to date back from 1989 to the miserable '70's, or 1962, and especially those that endured the move from New York to San Francisco.

Not only am I paying homage to the Giants, but to all of you fellow fans. For my money, we are the best fan base in all of baseball (no disrespect to the others, because there are many great baseball fans). I am so happy to share this with you guys and with my family. If you bleed orange and black, it doesn't matter if you are 8 or 80, black, white, brown, yellow, or red. It doesn't matter if you're a bay area native or from Sacramento, Stockton, Chico, Reno, southern California or another region entirely: Our love of the orange and black makes us one.

I love all of you guys, and I really, truly love the San Francisco Giants. I'm not one to cry at all, but I have shed tears dozens of times since Brian Wilson's final pitch of the World Series. This team has shattered my hard exterior and affected me at the deepest level.

To the Giants: Thank you for this amazing experience. I will always remember, and I will share the stories of this team for decades to come. Torture never felt so good.

Behind the jump is the 40-man roster and the coaching staff. Thanks to every single one of you.

(Since the front office list is behemoth, I will simply thank Bill Neukom, Larry Baer, and Brian Sabean individually).

San Francisco Giants 40-Man Roster

San Francisco Giants 40-man Roster
# Pitchers B/T Ht Wt DOB
41 Jeremy Affeldt L-L 6'5" 225 Jun 6, 1979
40 Madison Bumgarner R-L 6'4" 215 Aug 1, 1989
18 Matt Cain R-R 6'3" 245 Oct 1, 1984
46 Santiago Casilla R-R 6'0" 200 Jul 25, 1980
43 Alex Hinshaw * L-L 6'4" 175 Oct 31, 1982
60 Waldis Joaquin * R-R 6'2" 235 Dec 25, 1986
55 Tim Lincecum L-R 5'11" 170 Jun 15, 1984
49 Javier Lopez L-L 6'4" 225 Jul 11, 1977
59 Guillermo Mota R-R 6'5" 235 Jul 25, 1973
52 Ramon Ramirez R-R 5'11" 190 Aug 31, 1981
47 Chris Ray * R-R 6'3" 210 Jan 12, 1982
54 Sergio Romo R-R 5'11" 190 Mar 4, 1983
45 Dan Runzler * L-L 6'4" 230 Mar 30, 1985
57 Jonathan Sanchez L-L 6'2" 190 Nov 19, 1982
67 Henry Sosa * R-R 6'2" 195 Jul 28, 1985
38 Brian Wilson R-R 6'1" 195 Mar 16, 1982
75 Barry Zito * L-L 6'4" 215 May 13, 1978
# Catchers B/T Ht Wt DOB
28 Buster Posey R-R 6'1" 205 Mar 27, 1987
22 Eli Whiteside R-R 6'2" 215 Oct 22, 1979
# Infielders B/T Ht Wt DOB
2 Emmanuel Burriss * S-R 6'0" 190 Jan 17, 1985
14 Mike Fontenot L-R 5'8" 170 Jun 9, 1980
50 Conor Gillaspie * L-R 6'1" 200 Jul 18, 1987
17 Aubrey Huff L-R 6'4" 230 Dec 20, 1976
10 Travis Ishikawa L-L 6'3" 225 Sep 24, 1983
35 Brett Pill * R-R 6'4" 210 Sep 9, 1984
16 Edgar Renteria R-R 6'1" 200 Aug 7, 1975
29 Ryan Rohlinger * R-R 6'1" 195 Oct 7, 1983
21 Freddy Sanchez R-R 5'10" 190 Dec 21, 1977
48 Pablo Sandoval S-R 5'11" 245 Aug 11, 1986
5 Juan Uribe R-R 6'0" 230 Mar 22, 1979
# Outfielders B/T Ht Wt DOB
9 Pat Burrell R-R 6'4" 235 Oct 10, 1976
7 Mark DeRosa Disabled List 60-day DL ** R-R 6'1" 205 Feb 26, 1975
34 Darren Ford * R-R 5'11" 195 Oct 1, 1985
6 Jose Guillen * R-R 6'0" 215 May 17, 1976
62 Francisco Peguero * R-R 6'0" 190 Jun 1, 1988
13 Cody Ross R-L 5'10" 195 Dec 23, 1980
33 Aaron Rowand R-R 6'0" 220 Aug 29, 1977
12 Nate Schierholtz L-R 6'2" 215 Feb 15, 1984
56 Andres Torres S-R 5'10" 190 Jan 26, 1978
8 Eugenio Velez * S-R 6'1" 170 May 16, 1982
  • * Not on Active Roster
  • ** Not on 40-Man Roster

San Francisco Giants Coaching Staff

San Francisco Giants Coaching Staff
Managers & Coaches
# Name Position
15 Bruce Bochy Manager
31 Hensley Meulens Batting Coach
19 Dave Righetti Pitching Coach
39 Roberto Kelly First Base Coach
1 Tim Flannery Third Base Coach
23 Ron Wotus Bench Coach
26 Mark Gardner Bullpen Coach
# Name Position
Jose Alguacil Coordinator, Defensive
Bert Bradley Coordinator, Pitching
Henry Cotto Coordinator, Baserunning
Shawon Dunston Coordinator, Defensive
58 Bill Hayes Bullpen Catcher
Geoff Head Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Kirt Manwaring Coordinator, Catching
Bob Mariano Coordinator, Hitting
Tony Reale Physical Therapist
Lee Smith Coordinator, Pitching

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