Pics, and it DID happen

Front-paged from the FanPost section because there's a conspiracy theory going around that the Giants faked the entire World Series from a Hollywood sound stage.The conspiracy couldn't go deep enough to fake a parade with hundreds of thousands of people, could it?

I know Goofus was nice enough to create a Parade Fanpost, but I had too many pictures to share so I figured I'd create a new one.

I watched the parade on Montgomery between Bush and Pine. Got there around 8:15, there were already a few people claiming spots by then. By 10am, an hour before the parade even started, it was five people deep all along Montgomery.

Once things got underway, people were just going nuts, screaming and cheering for all the players, while tickertape shredded colored paper rained from the offices above. It was fantastic--the weather, the crowd, the energy, the happiness eminating from everyone in the parade--just pure joy. I screamed like a 13-year old girl watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. Mrs. Kitspool, who works in an office building on the street, brought down the Jon Miller bobblehead from her desk and I spent the entire parade waving it at all the participants. The bobblehead got a thumbs-up from Diane Dwyer, so I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

And now, the visual evidence.

So this ISN'T a dream?


Black and orange balloons:


I loved this sign:


Confetti flying all morning:


Mrs. Kitspool's Jon Miller Bobblehead takes in the festivities:


The parade is finally underway! Here's Archbishop Riordan High School's marching band. /BaronVonCurrentEvents:


Say Hey! I got a bit choked up at this point:


"This has been the greatest and most lucrative month of my life"--Ashkon


"This has been the greatest and most lucrative month of my life"--Steve Perry


I'm not sure anyone was enjoying this as much as Rags was:


Baer isn't driving! How can that be?


"Suck it, Lunatic Fringe."


Here's a photo caption I never thought I'd write: Bruce Bochy holds the World Series Championship Trophy.


Bochy sends Guillermo Mota out to warm up, early in the parade, in case there's trouble:


"I didn't play a single inning of the playoffs, and I'm riding on a motorized cable car in a victory parade. Your argument is invalid."


Santiago Casilla!




Timmy! Not the sharpest picture, but in my defense, I got a contact high from being near him so I was stoned at the time:


Huff Daddy practices with the Rally Thong before he goes all Zoolander on the Civic Center crowd:


And then the last of the parade had passed, leaving behind a colorful reminder of what had just happened:


Cue Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World": 


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