An open letter to the baseball gods

Dear Baseball Gods

I once said that I didn't believe in you, but I was getting closer.  I sent a plea to you.  I submitted that we had paid enough for whatever we had done.  We had endured the pain and misery.  I submitted that what happened last year in Colorado was too much.  I said that I would become a baseball satanist if we didn't some retribution.  

All year, my signature held the phrase "The baseball satanist" for this reason.  I was bitter.  For good reason.  

I gave you this challenge: 

So I submit that we deserve a special end to this season.  We've paid for it, many times over.  We deserve to have a season like the 06 Cardinals or the 69 Mets.  I'll forgive you if you crush our hopes now, only to have them reborn in a blazing glory during a spectacular and miraculous end of the season.  I'll forgive you if we get to say "2009 Champion, San Francisco Giants"

Well, I forgive you.  

We got one of the most improbable, amazing seasons ever.  

We got a come from behind pennant race.  We got to see the answer to the question "what can our pitching do if it gets to the playoffs".   We got a great fielding, awesome lead-off man out of a 32 year old minor league drifter.  We got a resurgent season out of a washed-up, mediocre, thong-wearing first baseman.  We had a Will Clark-like debut from a young catcher who started the season in the minors because he wuznt ready.  We traded Bengie Molina.  We had beards to fear.  We had a much maligned veteran short-stop ply his magic over various times during his tenure here (including in the post-season). We had two much-maligned trades turn out beautifully for us.  We picked up two guys in Burrell and Ross who came up big at various times for us - for free.  We got a strangely able Bochy.  We got Rowand on the bench.  We got a good season out of Jonathan Sanchez.  We got the return of Bumgarner's velocity.  

2002 had been the funnest season I had ever been a part of (even with the end).  Needless to say, this is now the bestest, most fun season I have ever experienced.  These guys never quit.  These guys were fun to watch.  

These guys DOMINATED in the playoffs.  Thank you.  Thank you.  One hundred and nine million times, thank you.   

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