Let The Debate Begin: Playoff Roster

First of all, let me say that I'm extremely glad that we can even have this debate. The Giants have said that there will be 11 pitchers and 14 position players. I've broken the players up into three sections; Sure Things, Close to Sure Things, and The Other Guys (Pitchers and Position Players)....

Sure Things (Position Players): 8


  1. Aubrey Huff
  2. Buster Posey
  3. Pat Burrell
  4. Andres Torres
  5. Freddy Sanchez
  6. Juan Uribe
  7. Mike Fontenot
  8. Pablo Sandoval

Sure Things (Pitchers): 10

  1. Tim Lincecum
  2. Matt Cain
  3. Jonathan Sanchez
  4. Madison Bumgarner
  5. Brian Wilson
  6. Sergio Romo
  7. Ramon Ramirez
  8. Santiago Casilla
  9. Jeremy Affeldt
  10. Javier Lopez

Close to Sure Things (Position Players): 5 These guys are pretty much sure things, close to 99%, but not 100%. Many of you will say "Of course Rowand will be on the roster," but it's POSSIBLE for him to not be.

  1. Eli Whiteside
  2. Nate Schierholtz
  3. Cody Ross
  4. Jose Guillen
  5. Aaron Rowand

That's 22 pretty much sure things (12 position players, 10 pitchers), leaving room for 2 position players, and 1 pitcher. This is where I want your opinion of what it SHOULD be, and what it WILL be.
Pick one Pitcher:

  1. Barry Zito
  2. Dan Runzler
  3. Guillermo Mota
  4. Chris Ray

Pick one Position Player:

  1. Travis Ishikawa
  2. Edgar Renteria
  3. Darren Ford/Eugenio Velez/Emmanuel Burriss (There is a 0% chance that more than one of these guys will be on the roster, one would just be the pinch runner ala Dave Roberts in 04 for the Red Sox)

What I Think SHOULD happen:

  1. Dan Runzler or Chris Ray or Guillermo Mota. I don't think it really matters at all. I just really don't think Zito should be on the playoff roster.
  2. Travis Ishikawa. Defensive replacement, etc.
  3. Darren Ford. I think he can be on the playoff roster, although I could be wrong. If not, Burriss. I don't want to see Velez in the playoffs. I do think that every playoff team should have that guy on the roster who's just there to pinch run in late innings. This was a tough choice, because Edgar has the most playoff experience of any Giants player.

What I Think WILL happen:

  1. Barry Zito. Yeah, we know this is gonna happen.
  2. Travis Ishikawa.
  3. Edgar Renteria. Veterans, etc. If he isn't healthy, then Velez.

What do you think?


EDIT: I'm stupid and forgot Pablo. Eliminate what I said about having Ford/Burriss on there in the should, and Renteria in the will.

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