Giants 22-10-8 vs. starters since 9/1.

I have fully subscribed to Grant's theory that every pitcher is Cliff Lee to the Giants.  It is the one thing that makes sense when explaining this season.  More so than thongs or beards anyways.  

So I started looking.  

Giants vs. starters since 9/1:         22-10-8  

Ok that is impressive.  Must have been a bunch of cupcakes right? hmmm.  No.

AVG WAR  of these starters:   3.0

This gets better when you look at the names we beat:


Giants beat(WAR):

  •  Oswalt                  4.7  (OK it wasn't a start)
  •  Hamels                 3.8
  •  Halladay               6.6
  •   Lowe  x2              2.7
  •   Latos x2                4.0
  •  Narveson            1.7
  •  Chacin                   3.0
  •  DeLaRosa            1.7
  •  Dempster            3.5
  •  Lilly                         2.3
  •  Billingsley            4.6
  •  Kurdora                4.2
  •  Wells                     3.3
  •  Richard                 2.3
  •  Garland                 .8
  •  Broxton                (1.2)       (ok not a starter but suckit! I had to see his name here. I did not count his stats)
  •  Kennedy              2.4
  •  Jimenez               6.3
  •  Enright  x2           -.9
  •  Lopez                    .6

Outlasted (ND):

  • ·    Oswalt                  4.7
  • ·         Hudson                2.7
  • ·         Hanson                 4.3
  • ·         Hammel               3.7
  • ·         Zambrano           2.4
  • ·         Lilly                         2.3
  • ·         Kennedy              2.4
  • ·         Blanton                 1.9


  • ·  Oswalt                  4.7
  • ·         Halladay               6.6                         
  • ·         Stuaffer x2          1.3  (ick!)  Twice even!
  • ·         Richard                 2.3
  • ·         Gallardo               4.6
  • ·         Kershaw              4.8
  • ·         HudsonD             2.2
  • ·         Billingsley            4.6
  • ·         Wolf                      0.7

Giants vs. starters since 9/1         22-10-8

AVG WAR  of Wins          2.88

AVG WAR of Losses        3.31

AVG WAR of ND               3.05

AVG WAR since 9/1         3.02


I am no great stat head, but this looks impressive to me.

Things to note:

Look at the quality names in the Win column.  Many of those have "Cy Young candidate" after their names in recent news articles.  I am sure someone can come up with a mash stat of the combined records, but it has to show the Giants beat good, if not great,  starting pitching to get here.  With the exception of the AZ games and the inexplicable Stauffer, that list reads like a whos/who of Fantasy baseball.  Even Enright, who is the weakest name on that list, was only a -.9 WAR and the only negative WAR player. No cupcakes.

These pitchers make up 3 of the top 5, 6 of the top 10, 11 of the top 20 and 22 of the TOP 45 in NL WAR for 2010.  Timmy/Cain/Sanchez/Zito are also in that list further reducing the pool.  Of the remaining  top  20 names, the Giants tagged for a loss or outlasted all of them to a ND with one exception, Chris Carpenter(1-0-0).   Only 4 of the top 20 NL pitchers in WAR had winning record against us. Only 6 of the top 50.  Only two, Bronson Arroyo and Chris Volstad,  did not play us.  Let that sink in.  Think of all of those horrible SD  games and their ilk.  Latos ended up 2-2-1 against us.  And he KILLED us this year.    

I fully subscribe to Grant’s theory that every pitcher is Cliff Lee to the Giants, but looking at that list, maybe it actually has been. 

The wait until the bullpen strategy has not been what got us here.  We beat starters.  Good ones.  Very few games were left up to their bullpen in the stretch run.

I barely broke out a spreadsheet for this, so my numbers are suspect, but my oh my does the last 2 months look impressive when viewed this way.   This gives me hope and a happy joy.  Bring on Cliff Lee.




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