Giants-Rangers Lineup Comparison

Ok, all of these comparisons are using this year's numbers, not looking at career at all.

1. Andrus v Torres Remarkably similar numbers. Andrus with six more steals, but more PAs and twice as many CS. Torres an advantage v RHP, Andrus versus LHP. Torres with much more Power. Even

2. Young v Sanchez again, very similar numbers. Both are somewhat splitty with Sanchez actually better v RHP in ave/ob, but behind in slug. Sanchy better across the board v LHP. Probably even although, given that the Giants are going to see 4 LHSP and Rangers 4 RHSP maybe slight Giants.

3. Huff v Hamilton. Goes large to Texas. Hamilton was splitty this year, but he's not horrible v LHP. Believe it or not, Huff has better numbers v LHP.

4. Posey v Vlad. I'm assuming for these purposes that Vlad is playing the OF. Very similar numbers again, but Posey has better OB and slugging. Vlad experience, Posey a better eye. Tough to call here.The Giant fan in me says Posey, slight edge.

5. Burrell v Cruz. Cruz has better numbers across the board.

6. Kinsler v Ross. Kinsler is very, very good v LHP. Not so much v RHP. Ross is hot and a lot more balanced. Edge Giants assuming Ross stays hot for seven more games. Otherwise even.

7. Molina/Treanor v Uribe. It's unclear who the Giants will start at 3b each game, I'm assuming Uribe will play either way. Here is where I'm assuming the Tex OF isn't playing (we'll address DH below) Uribe is better than that platoon.

8. Renteria/Panda v Cantu/Moreland. Nothing to write home about here. Probably even.

DH. Giants will likely use Rowand (either moving Burrell or not) and Panda here, perhaps Schierholtz or Ishi. The Tex OF platoon of Murphy and Francoeur is splitty, but very good. Francoeur only played 15 games so it's hard to read much into his season numbers. Slight advantage to Tex

C Posey v Treanor/Molina - edge Giants

1b Huff v Cantu Moreland. Don't know much about Moreland. Huff is better than Cantu. Even?

2b Sanchez v Kinsler. Sanchez handily

ss Uribe/Rent v Andrus much more range for Andrus, but he will make more errors.

3b Uribe/Panda v Young Even with Uribe, Young over Panda although Young made 3 more errors in a simliar number of IP. Even versus Uribe.

LF Vlad v Burrell - Even Rowand/Nate v Francoeur/Murphy Even

CF Torres v Hamilton – Torres more range (assuming he’s healthy) Hamilton a better arm. Torres will be better in AT&T, but probably even overall

RF Ross v Cruz - Even

Giants edge in games 2-4,6&7

Giants Edge in terms of depth and experience.

Should be another closely played series. The Rangers are very splitty which can be good and bad for them. It will be interesting to see how that plays out with pitching changes and the Giants' deep pen. I would expect a lot of moves with guys like Kinsler,Hamilton, Murphy, Francoeur, Young and Moreland.


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