Positivity! to pull us (or just me) away from quiet despair

I tend to avoid off-season discussion because discussing non-baseball isn't as fun as discussing baseball.  

I tend not to get too high or too low over off-season moves.  

This off-season, however, I have gradually been pulled into a state of quiet despair.  I'm sure most of you had no idea that I was feeling this way; hence the "quiet" in quiet despair.  

I don't even blame Sabean really.  Quite frankly, he would have had to have had a spectacular off-season to make this offense adequate.  (Yes, he's to blame for the state of the offense heading into the off-season, but that's neither here nor there for this discussion)  

But see, I figured that I would ooze through this off-season armed with apathy based upon the knowledge that the Giants offense would suck in 2010.  I thought I would be protected from the lows of Sabeanomics.  

I was wrong.  

And then there was the "OMG why are u guyz so negative and elite and nerby all the time?"  I dismissed the viewpoint like most.  Except that it's kind of true.  Not that the negativity isn't deserved.  And we aren't even really negative.  But what makes this off-season appear to be so negative is lack of positive messages.  There hasn't been much to be positive about, really, so it makes sense.  

But I would like to change that; at least for a while; so that we (or just I) can keep our sanity intact.

So here's the request:  Post at least one thing that you think is awesome or good or heart-warming about Giants Baseball of the past, Giants baseball of the present, Brian Sabean, non-baseball related topics.


It's awesome that the Giants have two of the five best players ever.  As in the history of the game.  And they're godfather and godson to boot!

Jonathan Sanchez.  His dad.  An Aaron Rowand catch.  

An OBP over .600!


There's gonna be a lot of Timmy and Matty and Panda talk here so I'll just say there's something about home-grown closers that makes me irrationally happy.  Even if Brian Wilson is a weird goof.


1 and 2 year contracts are better than some things.

I appreciate what the Kent, Nen, Burks and Schmidt trades did for the organization.


The universe.  Seriously.  Whether you believe it was created by some super-being or whether you think it just burst into being, the universe is amazing.  It's huge.  Like, mind-blowingly huge.  And it's getting bigger at an incredible speed!  


Truth.  Truth is awesome.  Truth is beautiful.  Even when it is difficult to face.  Perhaps especially when it is difficult to face.  Too bad we couldn't experience it more often.


Hmm.  Yeah, I think this worked.  I feel better.  How about you?

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