Managing the 40 man

Looking ahead to the future, let's start with the 40 man.  Who do we keep, who should we lose? Here's a start:

Here are the no-brainers, the guys we keep, the foundation for the future guys:  Affeldt, Bumgarner, Cain, Joaquin, Lincecum, Romo, Runzler, Sanchez, Wilson, Posey, Sandoval, Uribe, Bowker, Schierholtz, Velez. 

Rowand and Zito aren't going anywhere.  Can't trade their contracts, and they're not that bad. Overpaid, sure, but hey, it's not my money.  I think Renteria is in that category too, plus he's a Proven Veteran Who Was Playing Hurt.  Who knows, maybe post-surgery, he'll be okay.  

Howry, Medders, Martinez, Miller, are all in the same category; bullpen guys who probably aren't as good as they looked this year.  Of those guys, the guys to keep are probably Howry and Medders.  Hinshaw should be given one more chance to develop into a LOOGY.  Randy Johnson will retire.  Lowry's gone.  Pichardo, I'd DFA.  Merkin Valdez is a borderline call, but he's got good stuff and no options, so see what we can get for him?  Sosa, we see how he responds to surgery.  Penny, I think we don't re-sign.

Molina we should not re-sign.  The question is whether we offer him arb.  I think we should, because parlaying a guy who's of no use to us into Type A FA compensation would be great.  Offer arb, at the lowest salary we can, making it clear he would not be a starter no matter what.  I think he'd go FA, and even if all we got was a sandwich pick, that's real value for a player who has none. 

Whiteside, works fine as a generic backup, nothing special otherwise.  I'd rather have a left-handed hitter with a little pop as Posey's backup. 

Aurilia should retire. Bocock we DFA. Burriss, let's give another year.  Downs and Frandsen should be traded for whatever we can get.  Garko and Ishikawa make for a serviceable platoon, if we can't find a better first baseman somewhere. Gillaspie isn't good enough to be on 40 man, but is too good to DFA; we're stuck for another year, I suppose, while we figure out what we've got there.  Glad we signed him under slot, though.  Guzman, we keep only if we can figure out what to do with him.  Rohlinger's a big meh. 

Freddy Sanchez is old, brittle, and when healthy, not half bad.  Pick up his option?  I suppose. 

Lewis should be traded; I can't help but think that he might have become a good player if managed properly.  Torres played reasonably well for a fifth outfielder; keep until he becomes expensive. 

Finally, Randy Winn, who should retire, probably won't, but must not be re-signed no matter what. 

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