The Return of the Suck: Bengie Molina, part 2


Some of you may remember me from epics posts such as "Goddamnit Scott, don't swing at that slider away" and "Goddamnit Ishi, that breaking ball down and in is a BALL". Here, I'd like to bring back memories of a more recent proof of suckage - Bengie Molina. See the original thread, dated June 11, for a discussion of the issues: The Bengie Molina Paradox


At that point, Bengie was hitting .256/.264/.436, for an OPS of .700, but his god-awful OBP. Since then, Bengie has actually improved his OBP.... hitting a robust .261/.277/.377 (June 11 to Aug 2, not including today), for a total OPS of .654. As of today's line, Bengie's record is .258/.268/.411 - his OPS at .682. For reference, the only Giants regular with a similarly Aurillia-esque line is his partner in failure, Edgar Renteria, hitting .256/.311/.321.


The question remains - just how much does Bengie suck? And why does it matter so much to the Giants?


The Giants as a team are an offensive suckhole - this isn't a secret. But their absolute inability to take pitches makes this team even worse.


Team OBP

1:  Yankees   - .359

Average :        - .332

29th: Royals  - .309


30th: Giants   - .308


Team BB taken

1: Yankees     - 446

Average:          - 362

29: Mariners:  - 277


30: Giants       - 236.

Ponder this for a second; not only do the Giants suck extraordinarily at OBP, but their walk total is so bad that they are 40 BB's worse off than the next best team. Who is responsible for this team's inability to take a goddamn pitch?

PItchers per plate appearance (MLB, at least 200 PA's, with notable Giants hitters), 277 qualifiers


1: Jayson Werth: 4.56

28. Fred Lewis: 4.15 (only Giants hitter above average)

MLB Average: 3.84

163. Travis Ishikawa: 3.78

170. Edgar Renteria: 3.76

212. Randy Winn: 3.65

GIANTS Average: 3.60

254. Aaron Rowand: 3.44

265: Nate Schierholtz: 3.37

276 (2nd last): Cristian Guzman, not a Giant: 3.12

... and drumroll


277 (and dead last): Bengie Molina: 3.08.


OBP (MLB, at least 200 PA's, with notable Giants hitters), 277 qualifiers

1. Albert Pujols: .438

50. Pablo Sandoval: .374

152. Fred Lewis: .338

158. Aaron Rowand: .336

MLB Average: .332

186: Travis Ishikawa: .325

191. Nate Schierholtz: .319

206: Randy Winn: .318

220: Edgar Renteria: .311

Giants Average: .308

231: Juan Uribe: .305

249: E. Burris: .292


And at 270 (out of 277 qualifying hitters in baseball): Bengie Molina: .268.


Ponder this for a second: Amongst the 277 hitters that qualify here, Bengie Molina ranks:

- 270th in OBP

- 277th in Pitches / Plate Appearance

-277th in BB (table not displayed here)


Any GM in the 21st century should be aware of the idiocy of this role; our GM and manager further it by batting Bengie Molina, he of the OBP repulsion, cleanup. When the team tells you this is what is determined to be valuable, we have an epic failure on our hands. If for Bengie Molina's continual presence at the cleanup spot alone, the Giants have no business bringing back Bruce Bochy and an offensive player evaluation system that is irrevocably broken.


EDIT - 11:06PM

Baggs apparently spends time around here; he notes the .268 OBP, and the 3.08 pitches per plate appearance. What's particularly interesting is the quote from Bochy:


No, no, we'll do what we think is best for the team," said Bochy, asked if he had to weigh Molina's pride and stature in the clubhouse. "We're not concerned for feelings. We've got to do what's right. He's one of the best clutch hitters, I think, in this game. Whether we keep him there or move him, he'll get it going. He can hit."


If Bochy truly believes in 1) clutch hitters and 2) that Bengie is amongst the best in baseball, the situation is even worse than we thought.

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