2009 Giants draft - 3 Sleepers

Like everyone else on the board, I'm quite down over recent results.  In order to cheer myself up I went to unearth some shiny new prospects.  I focused on 2009 late round pitchers (10th round or lower) as the Giants seem to consistently find pitching talent later in the draft.  Since Jason Walls hasn't debuted I didn't include him, but he may have a better arm than any of these three guys.   I can dig up the various links from which I gathered the information if need be.

B.J. Salsbury 6'2 185 DOB 10/22/1989 - drafted 13th round
AZL Giants -  50 IP  5-1  2.50 ERA  40 K  33 H 9 BB   7.2 K/9  4.45 K/BB  .83 WHIP .183 opp. avg. 

Why he dropped - Been drafted before and failed to sign.  Had options as a J.C. guy.  Present fastball velocity reported to be 88-91 (one link reported it to be "low 90s.)  

Performance -  Excellent debut at a completely age appropriate level.  Control appears to be outstanding for such a young pitcher and he's performed especially well recently.  In his last 38 IP, he's allowed 6 ER on 16 H 4 BB and 27 Ks while posting a 1.77 ERA, .53 WHIP and 6.75 K/BB.

Why he might be a sleeper - His curve is reported to be plus and he bas a "solid" change.  He's got a nice frame for pitching and he's only 19. If he can add a tick or two on his fastball then he has the making of two potential major league average offerings as well as a plus curve.  His command is quite good for a young player.  

Questions:  Will he add velocity?  Without more velocity, is his K rate likely to plummet?  Is his control for real?

Craig Westcott 6'4" 225 DOB: 03/01/1986 - drafted 30th round
AZ 4-0   .69 ERA 13 IP   21 K   4 H  3 BB  14.5 K/9  7 K/BB     .53 WHIP   .98 opp. avg.
SK 2-0 2.66 ERA 20.1 IP 30 K  16 H  7 BB  13.5 K/9  4.3 K/BB 1.13 Whip   .216 opp. avg.

Why he dropped in the draft - NAIA guy in Mississippi.  Was a 1B at West Florida before transferring to Belhaven for his senior year.  Likely pretty raw as a pitcher.  Already 23 y/o.

Performance - Was clearly far superior to AZL hitters but at 23 he should be.  His numbers at SK are still  pretty impressive, though he's still a bit old for that level.  He's been a starter for three games and has maintained the ridiculous k/9 rate.  His performance to me suggest swing through stuff as opposed to Ks through deception.

Why he might be a sleeper - 6'4" 215 with plus fastball.  Hit 93 while trying out for Belhaven and that was before he was a full time pitcher.  There's likely more in there and he could be a mid 90s guy with reps.  According to one of Belhaven's assistant coaches, "his slider is a late-breaking pitch with a lot of velocity, and he can command it, get you to chase it."

If he finds a 3rd pitch he could have starter potential.  Otherwise seems like a quality relief prospect.

Questions: Can he move fast as a starter?  Should he be fast tracked as a reliever?  Do his size and fresh arm make him a legitimate starting pitching prospect if he develops a 3rd pitch?

Chris Gloor 6'6" 255 DOB: 03/07/1987 Drafted 17th round
SK 5-1 2.80 ERA 35.1 IP 37K 27 H 15 BB 9.4 K/9 2.47 K/BB 1.19 WHIP .214 opp. avg

Why he dropped in the draft - Fastball disappeared for about a year.   Went from 92 to 84 without any injury.  Is the fastball back?

Performance -  He's being starting recently but if the stats are an indication it seems to be affecting his stuff.  In 15.1 IP as a RP he's got a .59 ERA 12.9 K/9 .65 WHIP and a .122 opp. avg.  As a relief pitcher he's been lights out.  At 22, he's not ancient for the Northwest league.

Why he might be a sleeper:  Here's what PG crosschecker wrote about him prior to the 08 college season.  

"An easy selection as the Coastal Plain League’s No. 1 prospect this summer, Gloor showed unusually fluid mechanics, command and pitchability for a big lefthander. He had the ability to throw three pitches for strikes, including a 90-92 mph moving fastball that crept to the mid-90s on occasion, an above-average curve and change. He got good downhill plane on his pitches and pounded the strike zone consistently. Gloor dominated CPL hitters, striking out 78 in 48 innings—a nine-inning average of 14.6"

They went on to project him as a 3rd -4th round pick.  His velocity dipped and he went in round 38 in 2008.  

He's a huge physical guy, so IMO he's got a good chance of returning to his prior velocity.  

Questions - Should they continue looking at him as a starter?  Is his stuff greatly inferior as a starter?

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