Giants hit at home, but not on the road!

Ok so it seems like I'm Captain obvious to those who already follow the stats, and being Gramps was a submarine Captain for the U.S. Navy in WWII, maybe I take the term Captain obvious as a compliment. Stop calling me an idiot now, and read on just a few paragraphs more before you make your decision.  God did I give all the would be, and real comedians a major opening.  I will show some stats that fly in the face of AT&T park being a pitchers park, and wonder along with you, why the giants hit so well at home, and so poorly on the road.  Is there a homefield advantage imparted by umpire favoritism?  How does one explain such stark differences in the home/road hitting stats for the giants, while they pitch better at home than on the road.    For comparison of the giants home/road hitting stats I will also show the bums home/road hitting stats.  The conclusion here seems that the giants need to trade for a hitter for road games, but should stand pat for home games.  Is there a great hitter out there who likes to travel, but has an aversion to the BAY area? Or maybe, like the 1951 giants, they are cheating at home, giving them an unfair advantage not related to steroids.  I hear they have above state of the art video equipment. 

So the stats look something like this:  Home games:


GP    AB       R       H     2B   3B    HR    TB    RBI    BA   OBP     SLG    OPS

46   1500  215   411   82    16    35    630  203    274  328     420      748


44   1482  193   396   75     7     34    587  183    267  336      396     732


Looking at the above the giants rank 5th in the league in hitting at home just

behind the hitting park teams; Colorado, Arizona, Philadelphia, and Florida,

while the Bums rank 10th,   This is in stark contrast to on the road hitting

where the Bums rank first  and the Giants rank dead last and then some!


44    1547   154   379   80   3    28     549   144    245    289     355      644


47    1674   256   467   86  12  42     703    241    279    365     420     785


The dodgers actually hit better on the road, and the giants hit better at home,

yet the BUMS, like the GIANTS have excellent home records.  Just how does

one explain such a wide disparity for giants hitters, while hitting fine in a

park supposedly geared to pitchers, and certainly not lefty hitters.  Yet the

giants lineup is loaded with lefties.   Is something wrong with the air on

the team plane?  Do the Dodgers stay at better hotels on the road?  Does

our hitting coach go on vacation while the team is on the road?  Did all

the rain delays bring hitters rust while on the road?   I understand why a

team like the DBACKS have serious home to road splits, in favor of home.

But, some of you great academician theorists, "SPLAIN" to me why this

is happening!

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