Giants' Draft Review

Hey guys, I've posted a review of the Giants' draft over at MLB Bonus Baby. There's comments on all 50 picks. I thought you might be interested in the read.

Here's an excerpt for you, this being the size of each year in my draft previews before the draft:

1. Zack Wheeler, RHP, East Paulding HS (GA), #6 overall, 6’3’’/180: This wasn’t unexpected at all, as Wheeler had been seen by Giants’ GM Brian Sabean weeks before the draft. Wheeler had the most helium of any of the top prep pitchers over the course of the season, as he started running his fastball up and showed excellent potential. He hasn’t signed yet, but I expect him to reach a deal sometime on the deadline day. DOB: 5/30/90. Commitment: Kennesaw State.

2. Tommy Joseph, C, Horizon HS (AZ), #55 overall, 6’1’’/215: I had some people criticize my next-to-last mock draft, because I left Joseph out of the three round mock altogether. I even had a few people say it was idiotic for Joseph to be left out of the first round, as he was a lock. However, I felt a subtle shift in his stock late in the season, as teams were always sure of his bat, but became more apprehensive about his glove. I see first base in his future, as his mechanics behind the plate just aren’t those of a catcher in today’s game. He could easily improve greatly and prove me wrong, but I just don’t see the skills. He does have the tools, however, as his arm is quite strong. He hasn’t signed, but I expect him to agree shortly before Wheeler. DOB: 7/16/91. Commitment: Arizona.

3. Chris Dominguez, 3B, Louisville, #86 overall, 6’5’’/235: I love this pick for the Giants, as Dominguez is one of those rare college third basemen that could turn out to be a starter at that position in the big leagues. He has enormous tools, and you have to start with the raw power. He’s got enough strength to hit 30 homers a year if he improves his approach, though that’s tough, as he struggles with pitch recognition. His arm is also a plus, and he can handle third with it in the long-run, though, as with most third base prospects, he needs reps in order to become consistent. He’s still raw, despite having been a 5th round pick last year by the Rockies as a draft-eligible sophomore, but he’s got enormous potential. This wrapped up a great first day for the Giants. Dominguez signed quickly, and after a quick .306/.375/.528 run through the AZL in 36 ABs, he’s 8-for-21 (.381) with Salem-Keizer in the Northwest League. DOB: 11/22/86. Signing bonus: $411,300.

4. Jason Stoffel, RHP, Arizona, #117 overall, 6’2’’/220: Stoffel was one of those rare cases in which I firmly believe he was the subject of pitching abuse, though he was a reliever in college. The Wildcats used him early and often, and he threw over 50 innings over a three month span, equivalent to over 100 innings in relief over a six month Major League season. No manager in the Majors would subject such a high-end arm like Stoffel’s to that kind of use. However, it happened, and as a result, Stoffel’s pure stuff was down, as was his command, and I personally speculated a few times that Stoffel might be having arm troubles. He fell this far as a result of the diminished results, and the Giants might have gotten a steal. He signed already, but has yet to be assigned to a roster. DOB: 9/15/88. Signing bonus: $254,700.

5. Brandon Belt, 1B, Texas, #147 overall, 6’5’’/210: This was a surprising overdraft to me, as I loved what the Giants had done with their first four picks. However, Belt, despite blessed with exceptional size and good natural power, lacks the performance numbers or tools to be drafted this high. Since being drafted in the 11th round in both 2006 and 2007 (Red Sox and Braves), Belt has been a huge disappointment, with relatively weak hitting, making him going this high a big surprise. He’s got good tools at first, and with mechanical adjustments, he might become a more powerful hitter, but it’s just not likely. He hasn’t signed yet. DOB: 4/20/88.

The cutoff point in the Giants' draft in terms of transitioning to unsignable or organizational players is after the Chris Gloor pick in the 17th round.

Direct link here.

What do you guys think?

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