Something Special in SJ Tonight...

I don't want to take away from the inevitable minor league thread, but I went to my first SJ game tonight and am too excited to sleep yet. For all of you that have posted advice about the games in various forms, eternal thanks.  The churros are very tasty, and there is (sorry for the cliche) fun for the whole family.  It is very low key but that just heightens the excitement of watching these kids I have heard so much about and listened to a few times.

Anyway, something pretty special happened, besides a great night at the park.  Take a look at this box score and see if you can spot something very special:

SJ 5, Modesto 2

If you didn't see anything out of the ordinary, go back and look at the pitchers' line.

No hitter through 5, and he only struck out the beer batter twice among the carnage.  (Interestingly, the beer batter becomes the "apple juice batter" after alcohol sales stop, which is pretty funny... people actually did run down to buy half-priced Martinelli's).

Other random observations: Posey was DH, so Lowenstein "caught".  The line is very charitable to him as he dropped I dunno how many third strikes or foul tips, and in the first inning did so enough to get a batter all the way to third.  On the other hand, Modesto's catcher Wilin Rosario for Modesto played a very fine game and seems to have a painfully accurate and powerful arm cannon.  Bocock was 0 for 4 with a K and a couple of miscellaneous fielding miscues that seem not to have made the official scorecard. Edlefson pitched a powerful 9th inning. Neal got nothing much to hit all night; I'm surprised he only ended with one walk because he got nothing but head-high or in the dirt most of the time until he almost killed the pitcher with a rocket late in the game. Posey and Kieschnick also got little much to work with.  Villalona looked a litle like Pablo, digging himself into 0-2 counts every at bat and then working them full.

A great night of baseball, largely because I went expecting to see neighborhood windows menaced by ZOMG DINGERZ and instead watched a young man just mow down a team. 

If some of you have a chance you might pop out on the homestand before they ship more of these guys to CT.

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