Free Agent Outfielders

I am not counting on the Giants to make a play for a game-changing bat.  I really think Dan Uggla will be a Giant sooner or later (too many rumors just lead me to believe he will move at some time, and likely for Sanchez).  


So, with a big trade unlikely to happen, let's explore the two best Free Agent Outfielders for the upcoming offseason: Matt Holliday and Jason Bay.


I would rather the Giants sign Bay.  The Red Sox need him, so the bidding will have to be larger, but I think the Giants need him more.  If any player out there is worth 15-20 million dollars to the Giants it is the consistent Bay.  Look at it this way: He was traded for Manny Ramirez essentially straight up.  I am from Pittsburgh, and I know that city was heart broken when he left.  The Giants can make the soft spoken Bay the face of the Franchise (offensively) and have a counter to Lincecum that the media will pay attention to.  Bay is good for .300 and 25 HR a year, plus defense, and walks/brings leadership.  The one area we have too many players, but none great, is Outfield.  We will have money from letting Winn and Molina leave in anyway possible.  I think this could lead to a great time for Giants Baseball that we will see from 2011 on for a long time.  


RF Lewis

SS Renteria

LF Bay

2B Uggla

C Posey

3B Sandoval 

CF Rowand

1B Ishikawa? (we really need to address this position unless Anvil is ready soon)

This Lineup could challenge the Dodgers, especially if the Giants get a serious upgrade at 1st and CF.


The next candidate is Holliday, who is quietly posting a decent season, but not by his "future 20+ Million dollar" standard.  If his stock drops enough that the A's cant trade him for much, or if he hits the market, I would be happy with 12-15 Million on him.  He wont hit .300 like Bay (probably around .280), but will offer 5-10 more home runs per year, and he is a little younger (I think).  I am not expecting this move to happen.  The Giants are on record as not being interested in trading for him, which doesn't surprise me since Billy Beane can easily swindle Sabean.  If he comes to the Giants, I would be thrilled, but no where near as much as with Bay, who I believe is better suited for the NL and a quieter market.

Lineup: Switch Bay with Holliday, and maybe move Posey to 4 and put Uggla at 5.  


What do you guys think?  Anyone you would like to see the Giants sign (instead of trade for)?  Do you think Uggla will be a Giant by next season?  

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