Just Back From New Yankee Stadium

Overall impression was a big whooping "Meh"

I just attended a Phil's/Yank's game in New York, quick recap Phils won. As I have no invested emotions in either team, other than complete disdain for the Yanks, I went merely to enjoy the game and the park.

First things first. The ball park is a beautiful architecturally(outside) and very comfortable, when you enter through the gates you enter a beautiful foyer. In this foyer you will find the Yankee team store, the Hard Rock Cafe and a large (~two story tall) HD screen that, when we entered, was playing a cooking show (Lobster and Shrimp). The foyer is open aired with a large ceiling and the front arches open that allows a nice breeze into the area (hello HRS?). Once you exit the foyer you enter a large field level mezzanine that encircles most of the field ( I did not walk all the way around just about 2/3rds). The width is very nice and makes getting around relatively easy.

Now for the field/game aspects. I sat behind the left field pole (sec 128). The playing surface was typically beautiful. The seats were cushioned and comfortable, although not completely cushioned (i.e. back) and lacked teak arm rest. The gall! You look around and the every thing is great, until you see the restaurant in center field. The e front of the resturant was black tented glass the sides plain concrete, it looked out of place. In addittion to the resturaunt the scoreboard was beuatiful but wrongly positioned, it was difficult to see the whole thing, but no big deal though  (Yes, Mr. Francour, OBP is listed).

The yankee fans I sat with were mild manner and cluless they were discussing short players and some one mention that Angels SS. I wanted to remind them that he is on the Padres and is 2b now.

Now for some quick notes:

  • The atmosphere felt more like a mall, with a baseball filed stuck in the middle
  • They don't allow backpacks, but do allow duffles (i.e. wifes purse)
  • Only sell peanuts in one place
  • Have art gallaries on main floor
  • Johnny Damon Scoreboard crap during side switch makes him seem like a douche
  • CC =BIG.

  • Seats =$90

In conclusion, for 1 gazillion dollars, it didn't feel like baseball.I would be happy with a hotel metal bleachers, porta potties and chain link fence but it was an experience.

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