Cheap San Jose Giants tickets

I put up a post recently @ about the half-price tickets promotion the Little Giants are doing for every Friday night home game. It's here:

You need to go to the link in the listing, download & print the PDF, and bring it to the box office to redeem it for each game. They also have a "family four-pack" (explained below) PDF at the same link listed on Funcheap. If you should drop by & do that, please help me out by giving the post as many stars as you think it merits at the bottom of the map. My employer is impressed by that sort of thing.

BTW, the 5/22 game is now a fireworks night. Ooo, sparkly things in the sky!

I also found out about some other cheap ticket promotions they're doing.

For selected Thursday games, you can get a "family four-pack," which is four tickets, four hot dogs, and four sodas for $33 here: I haven't had the hot dogs, but the barbecue kicks ass. You can get 2-for-1 tickets (minus the food) to those same games here:  Again, download, print, and present the PDF at the box office.

They also have ways you can get free tickets. If you go here:, there's a list of games that you can get free tickets for if you drop by one of the listed Orchard Supply Stores. Kind of a pain, but if you're spending the day in San Jose, it might be doable.

State Farm Insurance (whom I have a soft spot for, if only because they sponsored my first Little League team—Manassas, Virginia 1967, since you asked) also has a free ticket promotion. Yeah, you have to show up at their offices and graciously accept any brochures they want to give you (please recycle) and nod politely to pick up the tickets, but a ballgame for free is a free ballgame. The available games & the list of agent's offices is here:

I've also been told Trader Joe's is doing some sort of promotion with them, but haven't been able to track it down. If anybody knows about that one, please let me know.

Sorry this is a totally promotional listing, but I'm also doing this because I'm a Giants Fan & I went to see a game in San Jose a few weeks back and enjoyed myself tremendously. And I want to get them to advertise with Funcheap, at some point. Disclosure: yeah, I'd get a commission for that.

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