OT - TV Shows to watch '09 Redux

I actually think a good TV show is hard to find, and after seeing the finale of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, and jponry bringing up Pushing Daisies yesterday, I thought I'd try to resurrect homerdrew's old thread from last year.

(I also didn't realize they cancelled Pushing Daisies.  I'm sorry about that, jponry, it did look worth giving a try, in fact - one of the things that made the few episodes I saw good/weird is it was completely different from anything else I'd seen before.  They shouldn't have cancelled it.)  Also, I don't mean to offend anyone.  I admit it - I'm biased and prejudiced, and have a pretty stereotypical guy's viewpoint about practically everything.  Sometimes I have to remember that McCovey Chronicles isn't quite the same sports website as is (I pretty much spend all my sports reading online time there, here, at Niners Nation and Deadspin).  Anyway, here goes, add to the list if you know stuff I don't -

Potential New Shows That Should Actually Be Good -

Treme - HBO - (David Simon is making it, about the city of New Orleans?  Lester and Bunk from the Wire are in it, and I think Steve Zahn will be too)

Game of Thrones - HBO - (David Benioff, I haven't read the books, but I've heard they could make for an actually gritty as opposed to campy fantasy show - I personally hate the SciFi channel)

Boardwalk Empire - HBO - (Martin Scorsese directing, so far with Steve Buscemi & Kelly Macdonald)

The Pacific - HBO Miniseries - (a Band of Brothers version, except about the Pacific theater of World War II instead of in Europe)

Currently Running (or not cancelled yet) -

Dollhouse - Fox - (Joss Whedon's latest - ok, it started out slow, but then it really started to get pretty damn good, if Fox doesn't cancel it, I personally think it could become one of the most popular shows on television if they take it out of the Friday timeslot (always busy Friday, I'd just see it online later).  If you haven't seen it, the first season is available for now at Fox's website and on Hulu.  Alan Tudyk from Firefly eventually shows up and acts the shit out of his character - great stuff)

Lie to Me - Fox - (has potential, I'm a Tim Roth fan, so I've enjoyed it so far, could get better though, or could get worse)

True Blood - HBO - (damn, I really have to get HBO again, saw the first season though, and it was better than any other vampire shit recently - I'm talking to you, Twilight, which I haven't seen and never will)

24 - Fox - (what can I say, Jack Bauer made me a fan, might be predictable by now, but how could it not be, bascially Jack is just going to kick some terrorist ass at some point, with minor variations in the plot)

South Park and The Simpsons go without saying.  And sorry, but Heroes jumped the shark for me.

On (or soon to be) DVD -

Eastbound & Down - HBO Miniseries - (Danny McBride & Will Ferrell's comedy about baseball & steroids, I haven't seen this yet, but my friends have really lauded it with praise)

Generation Kill - HBO Miniseries - (I was in Iraq for a year, and this show gets pretty much everything right, it's almost too realistic, but I think that not only did it accurately portray how things work with the chain of command, etc., but I also agreed with some the morals to the story as well)

Life on Mars - ABC - (entertaining, but too entertaining for ABC to keep it running)

Pushing Daisies - ABC - (already gave my personal opinion earlier, I'll probably give the show a try, it's probably better than I thought it was because ABC cancelled it - just freakin' wierd though, think Dr. Seus, Tim Burton & Dick Tracy)

Already agreed upon kick-ass classics, pretty much generally accepted from the last TV Show thread, that you should buy and watch, no questions asked -

The Wire, Deadwood, The Sopranos, Rome, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Band of Brothers, and etc. to which I would personally add Carnivale, Freaks and Geeks, and Moonlighting from the 80s

anything else coming out that's supposed to be good?

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