Growing up in Denver I never really had a favorite baseball team, so I never followed the game in detail. When the Rockies came to town in '93 (when I was 13) I briefly followed the Rockies for the first few years, but really just liked going to the ballpark. I don't know if it why I had an apathy for the Rockies (I liked the Nuggets, Broncos and Avs plenty), but I've always had apathy towards them. It probably has to do with the Rockies whiny owners, but I digress. Since I never picked up a favorite team, I have always been fairly apathetic to baseball. Catching playoff games, and going to games when I was given tickets.


This is the season I'm finally committed to picking a favorite team (well at least committing to 1 NL and 1 AL team.) to follow fairly casually. I am a die-hard hockey and Colorado Avalanche fan, with my own blog and everything, so I need a sport and team to follow casually, catch the occasional game on TV. Look at standings and check box scores while at work. Before the season started I narrowed teams i kinda liked down to 5, with the Giants the clear favorite.

That was before my wife stumbled upon free Opening Day Tickets through work on Monday. Section 313 row 8 looking up the 3rd base line. The game yesterday helped me become a Giants fan (CalTrain, however, didn't help anything).

So now I'll be looking here for the occasional insight. I'm not sure I'll have much to add, unless the topic veers off-course to hockey, or there's a snark drought. I'm not completely baseball dense, but I am fairly dense about the Giants, so please excuse my Gigantes-noobiness. I've always had an inexplicable hatred of the Dodgers, and have always felt Kirk Gibsons home run was overrated (it was only game 1) so I feel like i'll probably fit in well.


Anyways since I've basically rambled on for a bunch of words saying nothing (proving I actually do have a blog of my own) here's something that can be considered a contribution... pics from opening day from my seats:





Lincecum 1st pitch


Lincecum, 1st pitch part 2


Molina hitting his homerun


Rowand hitting his HR





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