Adoption Draft Board 3: Board Harder

Starting the 3rd board thread, there are still two active roster members available (Uribe and just-promoted Justin Miller) and seven more members of the 40-man roster up for grabs as well.

This is not an exhaustive list of who's available! Anyone in the organization is eligible for adoption even if they're not on the list. (If they're on the list with a name next to them, then they're NOT eligible for adoption because they're already adopted.)

Official draft order and actual selection is in WalrusMan's fencepost.

40-man roster:

  • Affeldt (GiantAmongAngels)
  • Aurilia (wjackalope)
  • Bocock (capnk)
  • Bowker (rightcenterfielder)
  • Burriss (BaronVonCurrentEvents)
  • Cain (jponry)
  • English
  • Frandsen (WalrusMan)
  • Gillaspie (chilibean_3)
  • Hinshaw (The Enchanter)
  • Holm (UnleashTheGore)
  • Howry (CB30)
  • Ishikawa (kennv/Andy from DC)
  • Joaquin (GiantFan)
  • R. Johnson (Speedforthewin)
  • Lewis (jcb9)
  • Lincecum (sharksrog)
  • Lowry (Cookyman)
  • Martinez (cornball)
  • Matos (neurofarm)
  • Medders (SloIsLonelyForTheOrange)
  • Miller (stealth snail - tentative)
  • Misch
  • B. Molina (fwoty oz)
  • Pichardo
  • Renteria (rxmeister)
  • Rohlinger (Scottsdale)
  • Romo (Lyle)
  • Rowand (lincypoo i wuv u)
  • Sadler
  • Sanchez (Aadik)
  • Sandoval (bondslegend)
  • Schierholtz (PacBellBoozer)
  • H. Sosa (raisingcain) 
  • Torres (victor frankenstein)
  • Uribe
  • Valdez (rotoreuter)
  • Velez (The Gene Hackman)
  • Wilson (hairball)
  • Winn (oldjacket)
  • Zito (giantscatcher)


  • Adrianza (obsessivegiantscompulsive)
  • Alderson (Natto) 
  • Ambort (AngelWillSaveUs)
  • Barnes (boonitez)
  • B. Bond (greg8370)
  • Boyer
  • J. Bucardo
  • W. Bucardo (gianator)
  • Bumgarner (multiphasic)
  • Casilla 
  • H. Correa
  • Cowart
  • Crawford (Azmanz)
  • Culberson 
  • D'Alessio
  • Downs (nvsfg)
  • Espineli
  • Fairley (WTF) 
  • Foppert (AndYourBirdCanSing)
  • Ford (monta101)
  • Guzman (Goofus) 
  • Hammond
  • Horwitz
  • J. Izturis
  • Jarvis (j14)
  • Jennings
  • S. Jordan (Little Napoleon)
  • Kieschnick (Takimoto)
  • Kinney
  • A. King (baetown415)
  • Loree (say hey nation)
  • Maday (rhys)
  • K. Marte
  • Martinez-Esteve (malarky)
  • McBryde
  • McClain (Useful_Idiot)
  • McPherson (The Thrill - tentative)
  • Mooney
  • Neal (nostocksjustbonds) 
  • Nicholson (gore51)
  • Noonan (Giant Fan in Singapore) 
  • Ortiz (giants9107)
  • Oseguera
  • Palazzolo
  • J.C. Perez (marcello)
  • Peguero (haverecords)
  • Periera
  • Phelps
  • Pill
  • Posey (GiantsFanInExile)
  • Pucetas (Sammy Danger)
  • Quinowski
  • Quirate
  • Ray 
  • Richardson
  • R. Rodriguez (BrianBokake)
  • Sadowski
  • H. Sanchez (tedfordfan)
  • Schoop (Viliphied)
  • Snyder
  • C. Sosa
  • Surkamp (MonkeyChow)
  • Tanner (walkoff baltimore chop) 
  • Timpner
  • Villalona (thehavenot)
  • Wald
  • Whiteside
  • J. Williams (Tchli)
  • Windster (EliminateMe)
  • Witter
  • Yabu


  • F. Alou
  • Baer (ResDog)
  • Bochy (cheno)
  • S. Burns (igotnothing)
  • Cepeda
  • W. Clark
  • Flannery
  • Gardner
  • Hayes (delorean)
  • Kakazu (Zetsuboushita)
  • Kelly
  • Lansford
  • Mays (merkin)
  • McCovey
  • Neukom (Gabafnerhagen)
  • Plack (Headhunter Rollins)
  • Righetti
  • Sabean
  • Sabean's Laptop (xanthan)
  • Snow
  • Stanley
  • Tidrow
  • Wotus


  • Flemming  (larson2042)
  • Fuentes
  • Higueros
  • Krukow (TimLincecumIsGod)
  • Kuiper
  • Miller (Norm Median)
  • Papa (grant)


  • E. Alfonzo (tk)
  • B. Bonds (Sabertooth)
  • K. Krab (timmeh)
  • L. Seal (can of corn)

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