Adoption Draft Thread - Open Drafting Draft Who(m)ever

Alright let's go.  Just make your pick when it's your turn, I'll try and keep up on it whiel I can, and if I see it I'll post an updated taken list every 10 picks or so.  If I'm on it then I'll post a "[McCoveyChronicles member] is on the clock" even though there really is no "clock" to speak of.  If it goes for a day I'll try and e-mail you. 

UPDATE: If members aren't here and don't make their pick, I will let the next person pick as well.  So essentially there would be two members on the clock.

Well, these threads are dropping off pretty quickly, so go ahead and talk all you want in here I guess.

Taken List

Ehire Adrianza - obsessivegiantscompulsive
Jeremy Affeldt - Giant among Angels
Tim Alderson - Natto
Eliezer Alfonzo - tk
Michael Ambort - AngelWillSaveUs
Rich Aurilia - wjackalope
Laurence M. Baer - ResDog
Scott Barnes - boonitez
Brian Sabean's Laptop - xanthan
Bruce Bochy - cheno
Brian Bocock - capnk
Brock Bond - greg8370
Barry Bonds - Sabertooth
John Bowker - rightcenterfielder
Wilbur Buchardo - gianator
Madison Bumgarner - multiphasic
Sue Burns - igotnothing
Emmanuel Burriss - BaronVonCurrentEvents
Matt Cain - jponry
Brandon Crawford - Azmanz
Matt Downs - nvsfg
Wendell Fairley - WTF
David B. Flemming - Larson2042
Jesse Foppert - AndYourBirdCanSing
Darren Ford - monta101
Kevin Frandsen - WalrusMan
Conor Gillaspie - chilibean_3
Jesus Guzman - Goofus
Billy Hayes - delorean
Alex Hinshaw - The Enchanter
Steve Holm - UnleashTheGore
Bob Howry - CB30
Travis Ishikawa - kennv & Andy from DC
Jason Jarvis - j14
Waldis Joaquin - GiantFan
Randy Johnson - Speedforthewin
Shane Jordan - Little Napolean
Shun Kakazu - Zetsuboushita
Roger Kieschnick - Takimoto
Aaron King - baetown415
Krazy Krab - timmeh
Mike Krukow - TimLincecumIsGod
Tim Lincecum - sharksrog (by popular demand)
Fred Lewis - jcb9
Mike Loree - say hey nation
Lou Seal - can of corn
Noah Lowry - Cookyman
Daryl Maday - rhys
Joe Martinez - cornball
Eddy Martinez-Esteve - malarky
Osiris Matos - neurofarm
Willie Mays - merkin
Scott McClain - Useful_Idiot
Dallas McPherson - The Thrill
Brandon Medders - SloIsLonelyForTheOrange
Jon Miller - Norm Median

Justin Miller - stealth snail
Bengie Molina - fwoty oz
Thomas Neal - nostocksjustbonds
Bill Neukom - Gabafnerhagen
Kyle Nicholson - gore51
Nick Noonan - Giant Fan in Singapore
Ramon Ortiz - giants9107
Greg Papa - Grant
Francisco Peguero - haverecords
Juan Carlos Perez - marcello
Les Plack - Headhunter Rollins
Buster Posey - GiantsFanInExile
Kevin Pucetas - Sammy Danger
Edgar Renteria - rxmeister
Rafael Rodriguez - BrianBokake
Ryan Rohlinger - Scottsdale
Sergio Romo - Lyle
Aaron Rowand - lincypoo i wuv u
Hector Sanchez - tedfordfan
Jonathan Sanchez - Aadik
Pablo Sandoval - bondslegend
Nate Schierholtz - PacBellBoozer
Sharlon Schoop - Viliphied
Henry Sosa - raisingcain
Clayton Tanner - walkoff baltimore chop
Andres Torres - victor frankenstein
Merkin Valdez - rotorueter
Eugenio Velez - The Gene Hackman
Angel Villalona - thehavenot
Jackson Williams - Tchli
Brian Wilson - hairball
Sundrendy Windster - EliminateMe
Randy Winn - oldjacket
Barry Zito - MonkeyChow

Draft Order

Mr Scruff
Louis XVI
SoFa King Mike

Remember, you can take anyone on the 40-man roster, any of the non-roster invitees, anyone on the various minor league teams, anyone in management, or anyone remotely tied to the Giants organization.  Also, check this out!

This FanPost is reader-generated, and it does not necessarily reflect the views of McCovey Chronicles. If the author uses filler to achieve the minimum word requirement, a moderator may edit the FanPost for his or her own amusement.

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