If Spring Training Ended Today, Which Position Players Make The Team?

I was sitting alone in my room rosterbating and thought you might want to see the results.  We actually haven't had a roster discussion in a while and  Dave Roberts was released, Josh Phelps was demoted and the Giants have talked more than once about an 11-man pitching staff.  This all changes the landscape, so here's my guess at who would make the team if ST ended right about now, you funk soul brother.

Discalimer: I know it's ridiculously early to start basing decions on ST performance when some of these guys have had only a handful of ABs, but suck it.


C - Moilna - This is pretty much a "no brainer" (aka "howtheyscored")

1B - Ishikawa - Hasn't kept up the torrid HR pace from the first game, but his early spring has been solid with a .904 OPS.  The question of whether Bochy would let him hit against LHP still remains.

2B - Guzman - The surprise starter!  All he does is hit.  I'm digging the 1.458 OPS.  After hearing Bochy talk somewhat glowingly about him on the radio, I think the team will decide they need his bat in the lineup and be willing to live with suspect defense.  2B might be a better fit for him as he can knock balls down and still have time to pick the ball up and make the throw to first.  (a la Ray Durham)

SS - Renteria - Schulman says he's looking fluid on defense.  Goofus says we won't regret this signing.

3B - Sandoval - By all accounts, he's been working hard on his defense and hasn't embaraassed himself.  Body bias folks can suck it. The more ABs he gets, the more it appears the Pandamania late last season wasn't a fluke.  He hits and hits and when that's done, he hits some more.  This guy is going to be pretty much everyone's favorite Giant (non-Lincecum division.)

LF - Lewis - I'm still glad they didn't sign Manny.

CF - Rowand - another "howtheyscored"

RF - Winn - the really slow start would be a bigger concern if this was one of the kids, but this is Randy Winn we're talking about, who's one of the most consistent hitters in baseball. 

The Bench:

OF - Schierholtz - I hope Bochy uses him a lot in RF and moves Winn around the outfield to spell other starters and take adavantage of matchups. The Juggernate has been limited by injuries, but the team really needs to find out of he's a big-league starter this season.

OF/IF - Velez -I don't think he makes the team if Roberts isn't cut.  The "5th OF" role might be perfect for him as he can do a lot of things (PH, PR, OF, IF) a little bit and won't be asked to do too much of one thing.

C - Holm - Every team needs a back up catcher and a guy who could walk into the Acme Chop House, order a beer and have no one know who he is.

IF - Aurlia - Reports of his demise early last season were exagerrated.  He's done nothing this spring to lose his job as RHH 1B/PH.

IF - Frandsen - Frandsen's start at SS yesterday has me thinking the team is looking at him as a utility infielder.  If I'm wrong about Guzman, Frandsen will start at 2B, but I think he's well-suited to play all over the infield and do whatever's asked of him.

and the final spot goes to....

IF - Uribe - although Rohlinger has insalled and is running  9THINNINGDINGERZ.EXE., Frandsen's shortcomings at SS and Uribe's 17.4 HRs per season over the last five years gives him the nod.

This roster leaves the team without much LHH off the bench, but with a lot of switch hitters and LHH in the starting lineup, it's probably less of a big deal that it usually would be.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

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