Hall of Fame, Positional dependence and writers bias.

Three players, all of whom at one time or another donned the giants uniform, played different positions, have interesting comparisons by the numbers, and yet only one, perhaps the least talented of the three, has a chance to live on for eternity in Cooperstown. A fourth player, had he been a shortstop would also have a chance for Cooperstown, but as a thirdbaseman he has no chance.

Player      Yrs.  G.     AB.    R.       H.      2B    3B  HR    RBI   BB    SO    SB   CS  

Clark        15 1976 7173 1186   2176  440  47  284 1205  937 1190   67  48

Alou          16 1942 7037 1109   2134  421  39  332 1287  737  894   106 37

Kent          16 2298 8498 1320  2461   560  47  377 1518  801 1522   94  60

Williams  17 1866  7000  997   1878   338  35  378 1218  469  1363  53 35

                  AVG      OBP      SLG    OPS

Clark       303       384       497      880

Alou        303       369       516       885

Kent        290       356       500       855

Williams 268       317       489      805

Kent has 4 things going for him, he has played second base, he won an MVP, he remained healthy enough to obtain more AB's than the others, and has 1518 RBI.

Nuschler is already out.  Probably had the best swing of them all, and amassed a 303 lifetime average.  He was a fan favorite and had one of the best playoff series of all time.  He retired after having a very good season.  But his numbers for a first baseman just were not sensational.  Yet his intensity inspired an enormous and endearing fan following.  None of these qualities matter for Hall of Fame voting. Clark did not get enough votes on his first ballot to remain on future ballots. 

Moises played the outfield.  He certainly had fever K's than the other comparative batters, more stolen bases, and he was still a good hitter late in his career.  Injuries probably cost him at least 1500 AB's and possibly numbers that could have made him a better candidate for the Hall.  Had he been a second baseman he probably would be a shoe-in.  As an outfielder, and a feared hitter, he probably has not come close to the threshold needed to be a serious contender. 

Williams numbers are not as comparable to the other 3 players, yet he had more power than the others.   He may also have lost his best year to a strike shortened season.  But he too lost many AB's to injury.  Compared to Kent, he was a much more supple fielder.  Had he been able to remain a shortstop, he would be a possible hall candidate  especially during the era in which he played.  Today his numbers would be a tad less impressive.  As a thirdbaseman he has nary a chance.   

Kent's relative better health, and his position have made him a serious candidate for the Hall.   I would certainly not mind seeing another Giant's uniform being honored in Cooperstown.   I'm just not sure he is any better than the other 3 players who also wore the giants uniform in recent years.

We shall see in the upcoming years, if writers show positional bias, and whether it is well deserved, because our anticipation is already carved in stone, and such bias  is expected.     

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