Lunatic's Ramble

San Francisco Giants 

The Giants need to stay the course this off-season. What I mean by that is simple, hold onto your young pitchers and watch them mature.

The 08 season lead to a nice progression in 09. Matt Cain found the strike zone and his walks were way down. Zito actually looked much better and if he would quit nibbling and keep the ball in play he could actually become a good #4 or #5 pitcher. Sanchez needs to learn focus but his arm is exceptional. Keep the ball in the strike zone and avoid crooked innings. Bumgarner is a future #1 or #2. It is time to give him his chance and live with the results. He does know where the strike zone is. Lincecum is Lincecum, and soon to be very very rich.

Question? If Lackey is worth 15-17M per year, What is Lincecum worth? The Giants are waiting to see. 

The way I look at the rest of the Giants is simple. I believe the Sanchez (6)trade will be good for the Giants. He is a good contact hitter and will bat between 280-310. Sandoval has blossomed into a very good hitter and the Giants should leave him at the (5). Quit moving your best stick around and let him get comfortable. The rest of the infield is simply expendable. Downs and Frandsen have never shown the ability to play above AAA. Renteria is way too old, slow and shot. Bocock can't hit. Conor Gillespie is still a minor leaguer and so is Rohlinger. Ishikawa and Guzman are average hitters but Ish does have an excellent glove. One will stay at the (3).

As for OUR catcher. I'm not sure what else Posey can prove by playing another two or three months in the minors. Come on guys he was Minor League Player of the Year. Let the kid catch 100 games and see how he holds up. You have Whiteside to catch every fourth day.

As for the outfield. Well we are stuck with Rowand at 265. Velez showed some progress during the year and Schierholtz should be better with a full year under his belt. I do not like Torres (age) or Lewis (glove). I am intrigued by Bowker. I really think he has some pop and can drive in runs. So let's list the expendable and then I will give you my wish list for Xmas.


Renteria, Frandsen, Downs, Burris, Gillespie, Rohlinger, Guzman, Whiteside, Torres, Lewis.

Xmas Wish List

Desmond Jennings Tampa Bay (8),Justin Smoak Texas (3), Michael Tayor Oakland? (7,9). We have a ton of junk and some young pitchers. Let's package for one, two or three of these future stars and dump him in the opening day lineup.

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