McCovey Chronicles Christmas Cards

It's a little early for this, but I decided that, since I already got a real one in the mail and since I am on Thanksgiving break and therefore have more time, that it would be appropriate. 

This post is intended to be a collection of Christmas Card style life updates.  I figured that since the community at the MCC is so friendly, personal and close-knit, as far as internet communities go, that we should have our own Christmas Cards.   I'll start.  The only problem is that my family hasn't taken Christmas photos, yet. 

Dear McCovey Chronicles reader,

thehavenot household wishes you a warm and festive holiday season.  We hope that 2009 has been as eventful and fulfilling as it has for us.  This year has truly been a year of new beginnings, of continuation, and of endings for us. 

When the year began, thehavenot was in the middle of his first year as a teacher.  It was a rough year, as first years in the teaching profession often are.  On top of the typical challenges faced by thehavenot as a first-year teacher, I was teaching in a district with a high poverty rate and an over 40% dropout rate.  These students, who often had little to no support at home, were 12-13 years old and were going through the challenges presented to them at that age.  However, all was not negative.  I was fortunate to have three fairly new teachers close by; each one was very supportive, friendly, and good at his or her job.  Each one reassured me that I was doing a good job.  My first formal evaluation was also positive. 

Then I got a pink slip that was not rescinded.  Luckily, I was rehired in July and have started my second year of teaching.  This year has gone much better so far.  I find myself humming or wistling on the way to work; something that never happened last year.  I am dealing with the students better than I did last year, and the days are going much more smoothly.  Administration has also noticed the improvement.  I still wish to get out of the district, but I have discovered that I am capable of teaching even a challenging group of kids. 

This year has also been a year for looking ahead to the future.  I have started the process of applying for grad school and anticipate starting a history masters program in the Fall 2010 semester.  thehavenot's wife quit her job during the summer because thehavenot Jr. was going into kindergarten.  This meant that we no longer needed her job for the free daycare (she worked at a preschool).  Mrs. thehavenot is now a full time student.  Her goals right now are to get an Associates degree in ECE, transfer to a four year school, earn a bachelors in Psychology and then get a teaching credential. 

Speaking of new beginnings, thehavenot Jr. started kindergarten at the same school that his sister is attending for second grade.  He is a precocious boy who has a difficult time listening and staying still.  He has also been one of the youngest kids in the class.  He has been a challenge for his teacher so far. However, he has been showing improvement and is satisfactory in all areas of his work.  thehavenot household has confidence that he will be fine. 

We look forward to 2010 as we continue to grow as people and as a family.  We hope that you enjoyed your 2009 and that 2010 will be even better.


thehavenot family

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