Sabean putting alot of weight in Winter leagues?

Is it possible that Sabean will be basing some of his offseason decisions on the performances players have in the Winter Leagues? Alot of guys who could potentially have big roles on the team next year are playing November baseball right now. 

This is Buster Poseys 9th straight month of being on the field i believe. What other reason besides seeing if he can be the starter next year would you push a player like that? I understand guys like Joe Martinez who missed alot of the year with an injury being there, and Nate Schierholtz who didnt have all that much playing time last year, but guys like Bowker Frandsen and Velez just played a full year.

Sabean has also said that unlike when they signed Affeldt one year ago tomorrow, they wont be going after players as quickly or aggressively and 'waiting to see how the market develops'. I think partially he might wait for that reason, but i also think it may have a part to do with seeing what you already have.


Possible questions inside Sabeans head as he may be be putting alot of weight into Winter League performances:

Can Velez be the teams leadoff hitter for 2010 or should we look elsewhere?

Can Henry Sosa, or Waldis Joaquin make it into the bullpen on opening day or should we look to sign another arm?

Can Kevin Frandsen be a Utility player for the Giants in 2010 or do we look into someone like Craig Counsell?

Are Bokwer or Schierholtz good enough to have a starting OF spot next year, or should we look to sign a corner outfielder in Free Agency?

Can Joe Martinez be the teams 5th starter or do we need to look into resigning Brad Penny?

Can Brett Pill or Jesus Guzman solve the 1B vacancy this year or do we need to look outside the organization at FAs?

Is Buster Posey ready for the starting catchers job Opening day next season?


It would annoy me a little bit if some of these were even really questions. 

Bowker deserves a shot a playing regularly already and Im afraid that if he doesnt hit good in Puerto Rico that the Giants will have doubt in feeling that same way. Velez shouldnt have a starting job next year, BUT he's hitting .328! Buster hasnt had results in the Fall league, put Id like to see him starting next year. 

Really I think the organization should know enough about most of these players to be able to already determine what they figure their roles to be on the 2010 team without putting alot of weight into November performances.

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