Mr. Sabean, Mr. Bochy I have something I'd like to say


Even though Sabes and Boch say they don't have contracts, it's highly likely that they will be brought back for another year, and though I wish I could be wrong, my dreams of their release have for the most part been shattered.

I know there have been multiple posts about what we need to do for this offseason, but I've been hoping to put in my two cents about what we should do and though you're probably thinking, what can a 19 year old girl possibly have to say about this? Well as a SF Giants Superfan since the age of 6 I have their best interests at heart.

First of all like thousands of people before me have said, we need to get a big bat, preferably two (one to be a clean-up hitter, the other to work later in the rotation). The fact that we had pretty bad offense, finishing last OBP, 13th in runs scored, and 14th in slugging % really says something. The whole point is that too many times we've had people on base with the go ahead run on third with or the tying man on 1st or 2nd and we've blown it.

Second, I have some (modest) suggestions.


  1. Please, please, please get rid of Edgar Renteria. I know he was "injured" all season and that's why he hasn't been able to produce this year (or last year) but honestly. He will probably not get better. He's already in his mid thirties and is getting older and for the most part, we don't become more athletic and agile as we get older.
  2. Figure out what to do with Rowand, because he's killing me. Don't get me wrong, Rowand is a good fielder. He does well out there but the dude cannot bat for shit. Let me rephrase that, for the most part Rowand can bat when we're winning, but when we need that bat he swings at the two outside pitches and watches the one right in the strike zone.
  3. Randy Winn...right field...excellent batter? No...but my hopes that Winn will be gone by next season are realized, however his inability to bat should have earned him the bench (not like he was that great of a fielder either), possibly subbing him in at the end innings, but we can't change the past.
  4. Torres seems to be promising, if he can be consistent and repeat this end of season success that he had, start him out there.
  5. See where Ishikawa is at and place him out there accordingly. If his batting steps it up (which I kind of hope for) play him, if not find a 1st baseman...preferably one that can bat.
  6. Bengie Molina...good catcher but I'm sorry the guy has to go. He's getting older, is out of shape and sometimes I'm scared he won't make it to first on a single. The guy can't run, even though he has the 20 home runs, he's not a clean-up hitter and really doesn't play small ball well. Especially for a guy his size squatting so long is probably not good on his knees. I say let him get his free agency, let him go to another team (besides is he REALLY worth what he's going to want us to pay him? Let's be honest, the guy is going to want a lot of money) and let Whiteside and Posey catch. Posey is promising and the only way the kid is going to get better and get to major league level is by playing him.
  7. Tim Lincecum...arbitration...lock him up...NOW
  8. Get a great hitting coach. No not necessarily to teach them how to hit (though they could work on getting the ball in the other direction) but to teach them some plate discipline. Barry Bonds had some of the best plate discipline I think I've seen and it was insanely effective. The guys swing WAY too much at balls they shouldn't be swinging at. They swing at all the away and high balls and get lucky. If they had better plate discipline, the amount of walks we would get would be enormously better than this year. Pablo Sandoval led the team in walks and that guy swings at practically everything. Now Sabean says that we need a batter that can compliment the free Sabes, we need to stop that bad habit of swinging at everything and get a batter who can teach these guys to be somewhat picky with pitches.
  9. Though it's not likely we could afford it, take a look at soon-to-be free agent Matt Holliday (who will probably stay with St. Louis if Pujols takes a little less money) and Jason Bay and see what we can do with them. I think Freddy Sanchez won't be too bad if he stays healthy (which is an issue).
  10. Give Madison Bumgarner a chance, see what the kid can do and work accordingly. Same reasoning as Posey, he's not going to get better if he doesn't get the chance to play and learn from his mistakes. Actually just start playing the younger guys. They aren't going to get better if they don't play consistently. Playing once a week or once every two weeks is not consistent enough to get these guys into playing shape.

Sadly I doubt that everything I dream will happen. But hopefully Sabean and Bochy will get some kind of clue and do what's best for the team and the franchise. I think they can do it! I mean it's not like Sabean has the reputation for picking and overpaying past their prime vets that are either injured or who fail at the plate or just crap in general...and it's not like Bochy will consistently play vets who prove to not do much for the flailing offense and only play the young guys in the last few games of the season....

Oh wait.

So what do you think? Am I totally off base here?

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