Sabes, listen up...

The Giants went 88 and 74. Amazing.  Having said that, the Giants need to improve big time.  I know this has been expressed a bazillion times by every living Giants fan at least 10 times, but I'll say it again.  Get some firepower. Fans have asked for your head on a platter because you have refused to hear them out, and as a budding 13 year old Giants fan, I implore Bill Neukom to do exactly that.  However, you can redeem yourself.  Yes, you still have a chance. We Giants fans are ever-forgiving, and you can win back the hearts of millions by following these easy rules.  Listen closely, now:

1. Get rid of Edgar Renteria.

Seeing him play at shortstop is like watching Bengie Molina run. Painful, painful experience.  Deal him with someone like Fred Lewis and an average pitching prospect for someone like Jason Bartlett.  I'd even take Stephen Drew over Renteria. At least Drew has room to improve, and it would save money - Renteria is due to get 9 million next year.

2. If you even think about resigning Bengie Molina, I will hunt you down.

Bengie has been a good Giant, don't get me wrong, but his time is up. He's slower than a drunk, dying moose.
 True, he's hit 20 homers, but he's 35, and he's overweight, and he will probably try to sign a contract for one last year. Don't let us be the ones. Posey isn't quite ready to start, but Rod Barajas, Ramon Hernandez, Jason Kendall, Ramon Castro, Josh Bard, Jason LaRue, old favorite Yorvit Torrealba and Jason Varitek are all available. Take anybody but Molina.

3. Get a real right fielder.

Randy Winn does not cut it. Sorry, but 35 year olds with above average fielding skill, below average contact, and non existent power don't usually start and get paid 9 million dollars. Vladimir Guerrero, Xavier Nady, and Conor Jackson will be available, if you insist on paying someone 9 mil, and Jason Bay will be available at left field. Get Bay, Guerrero, Nady, or Jackson.

4. Don't sign Brad Penny.

Aroldis Capman, the crazy good 22 year old Cuban, is a free agent, and has been compared to Stephen Strasburg. Offer a 7 year, 40 million contract. Try it.

5. Brandon Webb could hit the market. Look into it.

'Nuff said.

6. Acquire a good setup man or middle reliever, and you're in business.

Jose Valverde will be available, and J.J. Putz will definitely be released. Putz is an asset for any starting pitching, and his ERA is low.

Plus, you could trade Aaron Rowand for Alex Rios or Milton Bradley.

Here's what the roster would look like if you follow my advice:

C- Josh Bard and Buster Posey splitting time

1st- Pablo Sandoval, switch him from 3rd like Albert Pujols did, or get Nick Johnson from the Nats

2nd- Freddy Sanchez

3rd-Juan Uribe

SS-Jason Bartlett

LF-Eugenio Velez

CF- Milton Bradley

RF-Xavier Nady, Nate Scheirholtz would see extensive time as a backup and pinch hitter

Starting Pitching

Tim Lincecum

Matt Cain

Aroldis Chapman (102 mph fastball, great endurance)

Jonathan Sanchez

Barry Zito


Dan Runzler

Madison Bumgarner

Sergio Romo

Jeremy Affeldt

Brandon Medders

J.J Putz (setup)

Brian Wilson (closer)

If the Chapman thing is too pricey, we insert Bumgarner at #5 spot.

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