If You Were Commissioner . . . .

Perhaps it's time to take a break, and just consider some perhaps amusing fantasies (other than a new GM).  Suppose you woke tomorrow to find yourself Commissioner of Baseball?  (In fact, the Commissioner is anything but all-powerful, but we're just playing, so assume that the role gives you god-like powers.)  What would be the first things you'd do?

Around our house, the consensus list--14 items--is something like this (in Letterman-style reverse order):

14.  No cameramen running around on the field during games.

13.  Every anthem singer to have the mike turned off at 2:00 minutes into their rendition.

12.  Forbid making fans diss the National Anthem by having to stand and put hand over heart for "God Bless America".

11.  No imported foreign players with over a year's experience in their pro leagues eligible for Rookie of the Year.

10.  No artificial turf.

9.  No players to use snuff wherever cigarettes are now forbidden, or to carry snuff tins in their uniforms.

8.  Fans wanting to vote for the All-Star game can do so only by presenting a ticket stub: one stub, one set of votes.

7.  Re-disconnect home-field advantage from the All-Star Game.

6.  Annually have the players, managers, and coaches rate all umpires in a secret vote, then send the five lowest finishers to AAA ball (and bring up the likewise-selected top 5 from AAA).

5.  Make the first playoff round be 7 games, so teams have to use their pitching staffs more realistically.

4.  Eliminate the DH; make it good with the Players' Union by increasing rosters to 26.

3.  Realign to four 7-team divisions and eliminate all inter-divisional (and inter-league) play, so that we are spared the embarrassment of team A winning their season series with team B handily then losing to them in a playoff, and are restored the pleasures of fanciful speculation over who's better than whom that we used to have in the World Series.  (This makes, in effect, four leagues, though the nomenclature remains that of two).  In consequence, reduce the season to 156 games, and start it a week later.

2.  Mandate a reasonable number of double-headers (which helps keep the season length down).

And the #1 move:

Break the Fox and TBS contracts.

All daydreams, but ah, what sweet dreams . . . .

And yours are . . . ?

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