The Not-So-Great 25th-Man Debate of Aught-Nine

From Extra Baggs:

I’m hearing that the Giants still consider Aurilia their top option for a right-handed bench player, above other names on the board like Kevin Millar or Ty Wigginton. Unless a trade happens that changes the structure of the roster, I’d expect Aurilia will return on a one-year contract.

I'm not sure why this idea makes me roll my eyes, but it does. Heck, I was for keeping Aurilia way back in September. My position has changed, and here's my logic tree:

if... Rich Aurilia is used properly -- if he is kept away from right-handed pitching the way Eugenio Velez is kept away from left-handed pitchers -- then he makes sense for this team. A lot of sense.

however... The temptation for Bochy to work him into the lineup will be too strong. Plus, when Aurilia starts against a lefty, but then has to face right-handed relief, there's no way Bochy will treat him like he would a rookie and pinch-hit for him. "Well, Richie's a veteran, and with the game on the line, we needed his magic concentrational veteranitude, and blah blah blah blah blah..." And if Ishikawa slumps in April? Look out. KAUR: All Richie, All the Time!

therefore... I'd be more comfortable if Aurilia weren't on the roster. Aurilia can play third like Mays can play center. The comparison would have been welcome in 1958, but not so much in 2009. Obviously, I'm not advocating a line of thinking that posits, "hey the ginats should just play phelps a third he cant beworse than aurilia", but I'm just not convinced that Aurilia's ability to stand at third base and wear a glove should be a point in his favor.

So this thread is a rosterbation thread, but only for final rosterbation tweaking. Don't stand by the metaphorical punchbowl in the thread, drunkenly screaming your trade ideas. Just give us a hodge-podge of lil' things. Joe Crede and Ty Wigginton: acceptable for this thread. Manny Ramirez: not so much, but the bylaws committee will accept it, I guess. A Kevin Pucetas and Fred Lewis for Nick Markakis trade that you've been working on: as inappropriate as bringing a dog-eared Hustler to a 4H meeting. Bringing a former pool hustler to a 4H meeting about proper ear hygine for dogs? Acceptable, but unlikely, so let's get back on topic.

My contribution:

1. Ask Dave Roberts if there are a few teams he would like to play for. If a preference is given, offer Dave Roberts and 95% of his salary to those teams. If that can't be arranged, release him. It's pretty amazing how poor of a fit Roberts is with a Lewis, Winn, Rowand, and Schierholtz outfield. With three guys who can at least fake centerfield as well as Roberts, the Giants need to trade Roberts's speed and quasi-versatility for Josh Phelps's power. It shouldn't even be a question.

2. Sign Nomar Garciaparra to a one-year deal. I know. I just lost you. You just furrowed your brow and said something like, "If you're scared Bochy will play Aurilia too much, why wouldn't he do the same with Garciaparra?" That's a valid point, but Garciaparra is my choice because a) he's basically a slightly younger Rich Aurilia, right down to the platoon splits and positional capabilities, and b) a vote for Garciaparra is really a secret vote for Josh Phelps, Jesus Guzman, and/or Scott McClain. Nomar's good for at least a couple of trips to the DL every month, which would let the Giants fiddle around with the active roster. Aurilia? He'll stick like a barnacle, even if Guzman tears up the PCL.

3. Burriss to Fresno. I can't stress this enough. The kid needs innings at shortstop.

4. Keep Steve Holm around. It's a bad idea to have your only backup at catcher moonlighting as an important part of the starting lineup.

The roster, less twelve pitchers:


Is the idea of signing Nomar because he's injury-prone the stupidest thing I've ever written? Stiff competition, but probably. Still, my Bochophobia runs deep. Aurilia on the team equals 400 at-bats, I just know it. Open Rosterbation Thread! It's probably the last one of the year, so get yer licks in.

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