OT: Manny on the outs in Boston

I just noticed in Buster Olney's blog that there's apparently been yet another incident of "Manny being Manny" with the Red Sox, and if Boston sports columnists are to be believed, he could be gone soon.




I should start by mentioning that there's obviously no way Ramirez fits the Giants plans, seeing as how he's 36 and all.  I should also mention that I, personally, doubt that Manny will be traded because Theo Epstein seems like a smart guy who should realize that dealing away one of the best right handed hitters in history is probably a bad move when you're in the middle of  a fairly tight pennant race.  Boston has a lot of very good hitters, but you can make the argument that Manny is the only one of them who's truly GREAT right this minute (or at least he can be when he wants to).  True, that might change when Big Papi returns, and JD Drew is playing lights out right now, but Ortiz isn't back yet and counting on Drew to maintain awesomeness has always been a bad bet in the past.  Long story short, Manny is a big part of what makes Boston's offense go, and I honestly doubt that they'll trade him.

But this wouldn't be a very fun fanpost if I stopped there.  So I got to thinking: IF they were to trade Manny, where would he go?  Well, it seems that we could assume a few things--

1) it would be to a team that wants to win now.  So no teams in rebuilding mode.  

2) You've got to have a big budget, because he's going to cost you $20 million.

3) The Sox probably wouldn't want to trade him to another contender in the AL.  They're going for it all this year and it would be pretty embarrassing to get the crap kicked out of you by a motivated Manny in the postseason.

4) The Sox would want something decent in return.  Something that says "We didn't give up one of the best hitters in the game for nothing.  See Manny didn't win, WE WON." Since they're fairly set at most positions right now and there wouldn't appear to be a 1-1 deal out there where they could find a corner OF to replace Manny right away, that probably means prospects/young players.

So why don't you do what I did.  Sit there, add those up, and how do you not come up with the Dodgers as a logical destination?  They need power. They've got youth to deal. They're in the NL, and they're trying to win a very weak West right now.  

Secret agent Ned, now is your time to shine. Kershaw and Kemp for Manny.  Do it. Do it now. LA still gets bounced in the postseason by one of the better teams in the Central/East, and they give up a pair of their best prospects for a few years of a declining, malcontent LF.  

Comment Starter: Do you think Ramirez will be traded and would the Dodgers be a fit?

Links to sources below (Olney's blog is Insider only so I didn't list it, but if you have an Insider account, I'm sure you know where to go):

[/end mostly baseless speculation]

Also, it's my first fanpost.  it may well suck.  but at least it was 75 words :)


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