Untouchables, Keepers and Plums

There have been a flood of  Fan Posts in the last few days whether the Giants could be buyers, who they can trade, what Sabean should do and predicting future line-ups.

Predict the 2010 Opening Day Roster

Sabean must come through......

Why the big rush to trade everyone for "B Level or C Level" guys

People we could trade

Could we be buyers at the deadline?


Our SF Giants are only five games out in the NL West. This division is there for the taking. The SF Giants have the pitching and defense to win the NL West this season. Where the Giants are lacking is another bat in the middle of the order. The Giants have the resources to go out and get that bat. The difference making availables bats will not come cheap, they seldom do. Is Sabean willing to trade for that bat?

Do you the fans want the Giants to trade for that bat?





Steve S Furture Top 40  dated June 5, 2008

1. 1B Angel Villalona
2. RHP Timothy Alderson
3. LHP Madison Bumgarner
4. RHP Henry Sosa
5. 2B Nick Noonan
6. LF John Bowker
7. RF Nate Schierholtz
8. CF Wendell Fairley
9. SS Emmanuel Burriss
10. RHP Merkin Valdez
11. 2B Eugenio Velez
12. LHP Clayton Tanner
13. LHP Alex Hinshaw
14. C Pablo Sandoval
15. 2B Travis Denker
16. LHP Benjamin Snyder
17. RHP Billy Sadler
18. SS Brian Bocock
19. RHP Kelvin Pichardo
20. RHP Osiris Matos
21. RHP Wilbur Bucardo
22. LHP Paul Oseguera
23. LHP Erick Threets
24. LHP Jesse English
25. RHP Sergio Romo
26. LF Brian Horwitz
27. 1B Travis Ishikawa
28. 1B Thomas Neal
29. SS Charlie Culberson
30. RHP Brian Anderson
31. CF Clay Timpner
32. LF Eddy Martinez-Esteve
33. RHP Waldis Joaquin
34. CF Ben Copeland
35. RHP Adam Cowart
36. CF Michael McBryde
37. RHP Kevin Pucetas
38. C Adam Witter
39. 2B Matt Downs
40. RHP Nick Pereira



John Sickels SF Top 20 dated January 15, 2008

  1. Angel Villalona, 3B, Grade B+
  2. Henry Sosa, RHP Grade B
  3. Tim Alderson, RHP, Grade B
  4. Madison Burmgarner, LHP, Grade B-
  5. Nate Schierholtz, OF, Grade B-
  6. Nick Noonan, 2B, Grade B-
  7. Clayton Tanner, LHP, Grade B-
  8. Eugenio Velez, UT, Grade B-
  9. Wendell Fairley, OF, Grade C+
  10. John Bowker, OF, Grade C+
  11. Charlie Culberson, INF, Grade C+
  12. Osiris Matos, RHP, Grade C+
  13. Wilber Bucardo, RHP, Grade C+
  14. Jose Capellan, LHP, Grade C
  15. Sergio Romo, RHP, Grade C+
  16. Travis Denker, 2B, Grade C+
  17. Emmanuel Burriss, SS, Grade C
  18. Nick Pereira, RHP, Grade C
  19. Ben Copeland, OF, Grade C
  20. Benjamin Snider, LHP, Grade C

What GM Sabean & Co. need to determine are which SF Giants prospects are the untouchables, keepers and plums of the organization. The prospects that have a realistic chance of being future All-Stars, perennial All-Stars or HOFers. These are the prospects that are to be retained and developed.

The prospects that could eventually become MLers or at best an average everyday player then can be used in trades. Not every player in the prospect Top 10 becomes a star or even a MLer.

Here is a SF Giants Top 10 from Baseball America dated February 16, 2005:


1. Matt Cain, rhp
2. Merkin Valdez, rhp
3. Fred Lewis, of
4. Eddy Martinez-Esteve, of
5. Nate Schierholtz, of/3b
6. Alfredo Simon, rhp
7. Brad Hennessey, rhp
8. Craig Whitaker, rhp
9. David Aardsma, rhp
10. Travis Ishikawa, 1b

This list is from three years ago. Matt Cain was a keeper. Most of the other top prospects have yet panned out. A couple may yet prove to be worth keeping while at least 6 of these players have yet to prove much.

Yes, the Giants can contend in 2008. Yes, the Giants can trade some of their prospects for a middle of the order bat. Yes, the Giants can contend, trade prospects and still build for the future. They can and should.


While I do not believe any player is an untouchable, here is my list of SF Giant players and prospects I wish they do not trade:


  1. Tim Lincecum
  2. Madison Bumgarner
  3. Angel Villalona
  4. Henry Sosa

Who do you think are the SF untouchables, keepers or plums which you would not trade?

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