Matt LaPorta

The quintessential case of drafting the best available and not for need.  LaPorta can play two positions (1B and LF) both of which the Brewers have locked down for the future (between Prince and Braun). This guy is clearly one of the best bats in the minors and could fill a big hole for the Giants future at either position.

What's that you say? Braun can move to RF? Well, Corey Hart plays there and while Hart could oneday move to center, the Brewers would likely have one of the worst OF defenses in baseball seeing as all 3 guys would be poor defenders for their positions. Plus, MIL has some damn good OF prospects better suited to handle the OF defensively, like Cole Gillespie.

Braun to 3B? Been there, done that, horrible defense. Plus Mat Gamel seems like a great 3B option of the future (currently has an OPS of 1.122 at AA in his age 22 season).

Well, Prince could very well walk away in 3 years when he is FA eligible, leaving LaPorta to replace him by then. Well, Prince could very well be done with MIL in 3 years, but you have to imagine MIL will do everything in their power to try and extend him this year and even if not, LaPorta is one year away, not 3. Still, this is the best argument for MIL keeping LaPorta in my mind.


So, I think the Giants should make a real push for Matt LaPorta. The Brewers are looking for two things at the trading deadline, which should be pitching and a catcher (Kendall's current OPS is .649). I don't know exactly what it would take, but I'd offer Sanchez, Molina, Keichi Yabu (or Chulk if they prefer), and Taschner for LaPorta, Dave Bush, and Kendall (for salary purposes).  I'd even throw in Henry Sosa if need be, but hopefully that would be enough (assuming MIL views Bush and Kendall as extremely expendable. obviously if they don't, we don't need them).


Perhaps even a 3 way deal that would include Winn to a team looking for a CF (MIL's OF is stacked as it is) seeing as Winn is the guy we need to trade most, even more than Molina, with Schierholtz knocking on the door.

What do you guys think? I would LOVE for Sabes to be aggressive after LaPorta who is a perfect fit for the Giants as he plays two positions of need and is a right handed slugger who wouldn't be affected by Mays Field. Plus, I think Bush would also be a fantastic pickup, but certainly only if MIL has finally had enough of him.

Sanchez really isn't the kind of pitcher MIL is looking for,  and they are likely looking for a more established starter, but Sanchez is young and has a live arm and has out performed  EVERY MIL SP not named Sheets.  Sanchez  not only  would help MIL now but also fo r the next 4 years and Molina only makes a great offense greater and the relievers help make a decent pen even deeper.


What do you guys think? What would it take? I'd trade Molina, Sanchez, Correia, Yabu for LaPorta, Bush, and Kendall as well. Think that would be enough? Add Sosa into that mix?


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