Giants Batting Stances

They say that everyone has a gift. Well, I have a friend whose gift is mimicking major leaguers' batting stances. Over the past couple years, he's been posting short videos of his interpretations of different major leaguers' batting stances and swings, up on YouTube. I'll admit to maybe being a little biased, but I think the guy...well, I already said it. He's gifted. The impressions are pretty much dead-on, and many of them are hilarious.

Most of the videos feature maybe15-20 different hitters (past and present) from one Major League team. Each video is about three minutes in length, although there's one that features players of the 1980's that runs about four minutes. That one has both Jack Clark and Will Clark (check out the Nuschler Face on Will!). The Red Sox and Braves videos are also favorites of mine.

He's got ten teams up so far, and plans on doing all 30 teams. Yes, even the Rays. There's one thing that bugs me though: No Giants team video yet! This is an especially egregious oversight, for two reasons:

1) He's a Giants fan.

2) He's already done the D@#&?$!!!!111!?

So I'd like to ask a favor of everyone. First, check out a video or two on his YouTube link. Second, send him an email asking him to do a Giants video before he does one for any of the other meaningless, inconsequential teams that are rumored to be in the Major Leagues. Please be nice when you email. Don't swear at him for his already having done the Dodgers. I've forgiven him and you can too. But do request any Giants hitters that you'd like to see him mimic, past or present. He asked me for my Top 20, so here's my list of faves I sent him (along with a few extras):

1. Barry Bonds
2. Bobby Bonds
3. Willie Mays
4. Willie McCovey
5. Johnnie LeMaster
6. Aaron Rowand
7. Rich Aurilia
8. Dave Kingman
9. Tito Fuentes (Not sure if you remember this one. Definitely an all-time classic, complete with the bat-handle-bounce-flip-and-catch-off-home-plate)
10. Jack Clark
11. Will Clark
12. Matt Williams
13. Jeff Kent
14. Robby Thompson
15. Andres Galarraga
16. Darrell Evans
17. Randy Winn (left-handed)
18. Marvin Benard
19. Jeffrey Leonard
20. Jose Uribe

Others...   Tsuyoshi Shinjo, Benito Santiago, J.T. Snow, Chili Davis, Chris Speier, Orlando Cepeda, Jesus Alou, Felipe Alou, Bengie Molina, Juan Marichal (batting against Roseboro?... sorry, my bad taste knows almost no bounds).

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