FanFest Q&A with Matt & Tim

So I was at Giants FanFest today, and it was a beautiful day, hanging out in the warm sunshine, walking on the warning track with the field covered in a mound of mud (was there a Monster Truck rally scheduled?), seeing lots of the Giants signing autographs, etc.

The absolute highlight, though, was a nearly one-hour Q&A with Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum in the club level hosted by Damon Bruce. At the risk of sounding like the super-nerdy fanboy that I am, what a blast seeing my two favorite Gigantes pitchers on the same stage together. They both seemed really cool, Matty has a wickedly dry sense of humor, and Tim the Enchanter truly looks about 12 years old. (He was wearing flip flops and basically looked to be 5'9", 150 lbs. at most.) Also, I'm not a big Damon Bruce fan, but full credit to him for mentioning, to loud applause, that "the best off-season move this team made was not trading Tim Lincecum."

Most of the hour was turned over to the audience for their questions:

  • Someone asked if they had played other sports in school besides baseball -- Tim mentioned playing football, to lots of laughs, and Matt interjected, "I know what position you played: 'Hide'".

  • Asked who was the toughest hitter they've faced, Tim answered Todd Helton and Matt answered "The entire Yankees lineup."

  • Favorite ballparks to pitch in besides The Big Phone -- Matt said Fenway, Tim said Wrigley.

  • Asked what their training schedule was on days between starts, Tim said (sheepishly) that the team basically tried to feed him as much as possible to fill out his frame. Matt said, obviously, he stays away from eating a lot.

  • My girlfriend (pictured, back to the camera, next to D. Bruce) asked what their favorite baseball movie was. I can't for the life of me remember what they answered. Matt might have said "Sandlot."

  • Both play video games -- Guitar Hero and Rock Band got a shout out from Matt, who said he doesn't play video baseball because "I don't want to fool myself into thinking I'm any good."

  • Someone wanted to know how they heard they had been drafted by the Giants. Tim said he was golfing that day and got a call while on the 9th hole. Matt told a funny story of being with his mom, who was following the draft by dial-up computer, and she wrote down every name as they were announced. "She was halfway done writing 'Matt Cain' until she realized it was her son's name," he said.

  • When they were done, they hung around for at extra 10 minutes signing autographs as their team handler desperately tried to get them to the next session. I loved these guys before today, now I can't wait for their first regular season starts.

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