McCovey Chronicles Community Prospect List #11

Feel free to make a write in as your vote.  Just list who you want, don't vote in the poll, and then try and make a case to sway people.  I'm not adding anyone right now just because we have enough clogging up the poll.  This poll will end about 9pm PST on Sunday night.


1. SP Madison Bumgarner
2. "C" Buster Posey
3. SP Tim Alderson
4. 1B Angel Villalona

5. 2B Nick Noonan
6. 3B Conor Gillaspie

7. SP Henry Sosa
8. OF Rafael Rodriguez
9. OF Roger Kieschnick

10. SP Kevin Pucetas

Ehire Adrianza, SS, 19 - Hit .241/.351/.325 in 2007 over 249 AB in the DSL with 41 BB and 37 K.  Hit .288/.382/.409 in 2008 over 66 AB, mostly in Rookie Ball with 9 BB and 6 K.  He is an excellent defensive SS and scouts love him.

Scott Barnes, LHP, 21 - Pitched 90.1 innings at St. John's in 2008 with 90 K, 45 BB, 3 HR, 1.26 WHIP, and 3.69 ERA as a junior.  Pitched 43.2 innings in the minors in 2008, mostly at A-Ball Augusta, with 63 K, 12 BB, 0 HR, 0.67 WHIP, 1.38 ERA, and ~40% groundball rate.  He throws a high 80's, low 90's fastball, a slider, and a change.

Brandon Crawford, SS, 21 - Drafted 2008, #117 overall.  Hit .335/.404/.504 over 248 AB with 25 BB and 58 K his sophmore year of college at UCLA in 2007.  Hit .302/.394/.491 over 232 AB with 31 BB and 59 K his junior year.  He is another toolsy player considered to have not broken out yet.

Travis Ishikawa, 1B, 25 - Drafted 2002, #637 overall.  Hit .260/.355/.454 over ~2500 AB in the minors across all levels.  Broke out in 2008 with a .291/.382/.462 line in AA and a .310/.370/.737 line in AAA before hitting .274/.337/.432 in the majors.  He is also a great defensive firstbaseman.

Wendell Fairley, OF, 20 - Drafted 2007, #29 overall.  Hit .259/.388/.337 over 193 AB in Rookie Ball in 2008 with 26 BB and 37 K.  He has incredible tools with plus raw power and great speed.

Joseph Martinez, SP, 25 - Drafted 2005, #372 overall.  Has thrown 547.2 innings in his 4 years of pro ball with an ERA of 3.40 and 1.17 WHIP.  Last season in AA he threw 148 innings with 131 H, 6 HR 37 BB 112 K for an ERA of 2.49 and 1.14 WHIP with a 57% groundball rate.  More of a finesse pitcher than anything, but has continued to post good stats as he moves up in levels.

Osiris Matos, RP, 24 - Signed as an undrafted free agent in 2002.  Started his career as a starter and was converted to a reliever in 2006.  Last year in the majors his threw 20.2 innings and had a 4.79 ERA with a 1.69 WHIP, but in 36.2 innings in AA this year had a 1.23 ERA and a 0.98 WHIP.

Ryan Rohlinger, 3B/2B?, 25 - Drafted 2006, #176 overall.  Has played 3B in the minors but is being considered for 2B it seems.  Hit .235/.332/.415 in his first full season with 18 HR in the SAL league.  Hit for a better average last year in San Jose at .285/.368/.419 and posted a .855 OPS in a short AA trial before being called up to the big leagues to sit on the bench.  He's got good patience but probably not the power to stick at third.

Clayton Tanner, LHP, 20 - Drafted 2006, #89 overall.  Over three seasons has thrown 278.1 IP, 288 H, 213 K, 91 BB, 7 HR, 1.36 WHIP, 3.62 ERA, and ~56% groundball rate across the three levels of A-ball.  In 2008 threw 117.0 IP, 124 H, 84 K, 39 BB, 1 HR, 1.39 WHIP, 3.69 ERA, and a 55% groundball rate in High-A.  He throws a fastball, breaking ball, and change.

Testers: Justin Hedrick, Brian Anderson, Thomas Neal, EME, Matt Downs, Aaron King, Ben Snyder, Ben Copeland

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