The All-Scrabble team

I've become a bit of a Scrabble enthusiast.  I attend a club every Thursday night, and one night my club director mentioned that he'd seen an All-Scrabble football team, where every player's first and last names were both valid Scrabble plays.  He mentioned Jerry Rice as an example - JERRY is a term for a Nazi soldier.

So, I endeavored to create a 25-man roster of current major leaguers whose names fit that description.  So, when I should have been studying high probablility seven letter words, I-dumps and three-to-make-fours, I put together the All-Scrabble Major League baseball team.  Every player's first and last names are valid plays according to the Official Scrabble Club and Tournament Word List, 2nd Edition.  Definitions are given when they're not obvious.

Mngr Dusty Baker - Cincinnati Reds


RHP Ben Sheets - Milwaukee Brewers

BEN - [n] an inner room

LHP Cliff Lee - Cleveland Indians

LEE - [n] shelter from the wind

LHP Randy Wolf - Houston Astros

RANDY - [adj] lustful (marked by excessive sexual desire)

RHP John Lackey - Los Angeles Angels

JOHN - [n] a toilet
LACKEY - [v] to act in a servile manner

RHP Jake Peavy - San Diego Padres

JAKE - [adj] all right; fine
PEAVY - [n] peavey (a lever used to move logs)


LHP Bill Bray - Cincinnati Reds

BRAY - [v] to utter a harsh cry

LHP Chase Wright - New York Yankees

WRIGHT - [n] one who constructs or creates

RHP Scot Shields - Los Angeles Angels

SCOT - [n] a tax

RHP Cory Wade - Los Angeles Dodgers

CORY - [n] a former monetary unit of Guinea

RHP Heath Bell - San Diego Padres

HEATH - [n] an evergreen shrub

RHP Dan Wheeler - Tampa Bay Rays

DAN - [n] a level of skill in martial arts
WHEELER - [n] one that wheels (to convey on wheels)

CL Kerry Wood - Chicago Cubs

KERRY - [n] one of an Irish breed of cattle


1B Prince Fielder - Milwaukee Brewers

FIELDER - [n] one that catches or picks up a ball in play

1B Brad Nelson - Milwaukee Brewers

BRAD - [n] to fasten with thin nails
NELSON - [n] a wrestling hold

2B Kelly Johnson - Atlanta Braves

KELLY - [n] a bright green color
JOHNSON - [n] the penis (usually considered vulgar)

2B/SS/3B Nick Punto - Minnesota Twins

NICK - [v] to make a shallow cut in
PUNTO - [n] a hit or thrust in fencing

SS/3B Chipper Jones - Atlanta Braves

CHIPPER - [v] to chirp (to utter a short, shrill sound)
JONES - [v] to have a strong craving for something

3B Josh Fields - Chicago White Sox

JOSH - [v] to tease (to make fun of)


LF Buck Coats - Toronto Blue Jays

BUCK - [v] to leap forward and upward suddenly

CF Coco Crisp - Boston Red Sox

COCO - [n] a tall palm tree

CF Matt Kemp - Los Angeles Dodgers

MATT - [v] to matte
KEMP - [n] a champion

LF/RF Matt Stairs - Philadelphia Phillies

LF/RF Nick Swisher - Chicago White Sox

SWISHER - [n] one that swishes (to move with a prolonged hissing sound)


C Toby Hall - Chicago White Sox

TOBY - [n] a type of drinking mug

C John Baker - Florida Marlins

As an aside, the only current All-Scrabble Giants player is Matt Cain - CAIN is defined as "kain (a tax paid in produce or livestock)."  I left him off the roster mainly to avoid redundancy - I already had Matt Kemp amd Matt Stairs, and I couldn't leave them off because I was really hurting for outfielders.

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