A Trade for a Young, Elite Power Hitter: Chris Davis

Over the last few weeks I've heard a lot of talk about guys like Uggla, Fielder, Hardy, and even guys like Konerko and Derek lee.  Most of these rumors mention trading away Sanchez or Cain.  Some even say we would need to give up Alderson or Bumgarner which is the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my days. 

Ladies and Gentlemen we are rebuilding.  REBUILDING.  We need to add young power so that it will blossom in two to three years when this team is finally contending for a world series.  I've constantly been looking around and sniffing other teams minor leagues and I've finally found my man:   Chris Davis.


Chris Davis is a power hitting third baseman on the Texas Rangers.  Chris is a 3B/1B who broke out in the Texas Minor leagues in 2007 when he hit a combined .297/.347/.598 with 36 HR and 35 Doubles in 500 at bats in High A and Double A .  He struck out 150 times, but due to his sheer power whenever he made contact with the ball it went places leading to a high average.

This year he continued his amazing breakout this year is Double A and Triple A where he hit a combined .333/.386/.643 with 23 HR and 21 Doubles in just 300 at bats.  He walked 26 timems and stuck out 70 times. 

Then he finally made the leap to the big show and he hit .285/.331/.549 with 17 HR and 23 Doubles in just 300 at bats.  This is a very good debut and I think that in a full season he could hit 35HR and 40 Doubles to go along with a .270-.290 average.  This kind of young, elite power doesn't come around very often.

Now to the defense.  Chris davis can play a decent third base.  According to Espn, he has a .962 fielding %, 2.45 RF, and .754 Zone Rating.  This is very close to david Wright's .96, 2.51, 7.65.  This show he can be a least average at third base and I think a platoon of Sandoval and Davis at first and third would be good. 


So basically we add a 35Hr and 40 Double powerhouse into our lineup for a total of 6, count them, SIX years.  This is why it would be better to add him that Uggla or Fielder.  He has his entire prime ahead of him as next year he will only be 23 years old.  We will have him cheap for three years and Arbitration for the next three.  He will peak as the Giants get ready to contend for a world Series with Lincecum, Sandoval, Shierholtz, Posey, Burriss, Lewis, Alderson, Bumgarner and Others.

The Offer:

I am willing to offer Matt Cain to the constantly pitching starved Rangers who need someone to be their ace for the future.  They don't need Davis especially with Smoak coming up and the fact that they have such a strong offense already and really need some good pitching.  I would offer Matt Cain for Chris Davis and two MLB ready pitchers (Feldman and Hurley). 

I think the Giants can afford to move Matt Cain because of our minor league depth which is headlined by Alderson and Bumgarner followed by Henry Sosa, Kevin Pucetas, Clayton Tanner, Jesse English and others.  Also with the sixth pick in next years draft we could add another big time arm as there are many high school and college arms who have high ceilings. 

Our 2011 and Beyond Rotation could be Lincecum, Bumgarner, Alderson, Sanchez, and Our 2009 Draftee (Crow, Matt Purke, Zack Wheeler, Tyler Matzek, Alex White, Kyle Gibson).  If any of these guys flop we could always add a free agent or look to our minor league pool.

Future Batting Order: 

Fred Lewis (LF), Nate Shierholtz (RF), Buster Posey (C), Pablo Sandoval (1B/3B), Chris Davis (1B/3B), Aaron Rowand (CF), Kevin Frandsen/Nick Noonan (2B), and Emmanuel Buriss (SS).

What do you guys think about that?  i think that lineup is world series Caliber if all goes right.

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