Complete 2007 Draft Class

Pick    Player    School    Pos    B/T    Ht    Wt    DOB    Class
10    Bumgarner, Madison    South Caldwell HS    LHP    R/L    6'04"    215    8/1/1989    HS
22    Alderson, Timothy    Horizon HS    RHP    R/R    6'06"    217    11/3/1988    HS
29    Fairley, Wendell    George County HS    CF    L/R    6'02"    190    3/17/1988    HS
32    Noonan, Nicholas    Francis Parker HS    SS    L/R    6'00"    180    5/4/1989    HS
43    Williams, Jackson    U Oklahoma    C    R/R    5'11"    200    5/14/1986    JR
51    Culberson, Charles    Calhoun HS    SS    R/R    6'01"    185    4/10/1989    HS
164    Corgan, Chance    Texas Christian U    RHP    R/R    6'02"    175    4/25/1986    JR
194    Ambort, Michael    Lamar U    C    S/R    6'01"    215    4/23/1985    SR
224    Nicholson, Kyle    Texas A&M U    RHP    R/R    5'11"    205    7/31/1985    SR
254    Turpen, Daniel    Oregon St U    RHP    R/R    6'04"    215    8/17/1986    JR
284    Runzler, Daniel    UC Riverside    LHP    L/L    6'04"    215    3/30/1985    SR
314    Paterson, Joseph    Oregon St U    LHP    R/L    6'01"    210    5/19/1986    JR
344    McArthur, Evan    Cal St Fullerton    SS    R/R    6'02"    200    6/29/1984    5S
374    Davis, Andrew    Kent St U    3B    S/R    5'11"    195    2/11/1984    5S
404    Reichard, Andrew    Georgia Col & St U    RHP    R/R    6'04"    235    12/4/1984    SR
434    Clark, Craig    Penn St U    LHP    R/L    6'03"    203    7/9/1984    SR
464    Edwards, Bruce    Auburn U    CF    S/R    5'11"    170    9/23/1984    SR
494    Edlefsen, Steven    U Nebraska Lincoln    RHP    R/R    6'02"    195    6/27/1985    JR
524    King, John    Lipscomb U    RHP    R/R    6'03"    180    7/5/1985    SR
554    Delagarza, Andrew    Coastal Carolina U    LHP    L/L    6'04"    200    10/20/1984    SR
584    D'alessio, Andrew    Clemson U    1B    L/R    6'03"    196    9/23/1984    SR
614    Mixon, David    U Louisiana Monroe    RHP    R/R    6'03"    190    9/10/1984    SR
644    Otero, Daniel    U South Florida    RHP    R/R    6'03"    200    2/19/1985    SR
674    Odle, Oliver    Oklahoma St U    RHP    R/R    6'00"    225    7/11/1985    SR
704    Bowlin, Andrew    Chattanooga St Tech CC    RHP    R/R    6'01"        12/28/1986    J2
734    Bond, Brock    U Missouri Columbia    2B    S/R    5'10"    195    9/11/1985    JR
764    Bond, Casey    Lipscomb U    CF    R/R    6'03"    205    10/5/1984    SR
794    Corona, Ramon    North Carolina St U    2B    R/R    5'11"    192    8/10/1985    JR
824    Schroder, Myles    Diablo Valley Col    CF    R/R    5'11"    180    8/1/1987    J2
854    McDaniel, Daniel    Chabot Col    RHP    R/R    6'03"    230    4/18/1988    J1

Find this full list, plus video of some of the guys, here.

In summary, here is the positional breakdown of our 30 picks:

2 Catchers
1 1st Baseman
2 2nd Basemen
1 3rd Baseman
3 Shortstops
4 CF
12 RHP

It doesn't hurt to take more pitchers than position players because they make up about half of every roster, but it's disappointing to see that we drafted 2 corner infielders and ZERO corner outfielders. Now, perhaps one or two of those 4 CFs will become a corner outfielder, but I'm getting the impression that there isn't going to be much power coming out of this draft.

I know drafting pitchers is our thing, and that we we won't truly know if this is a good draft class for a few years, but it just seems like we blew such a great opportunity to draft some quality power hitters.

Rant amongst yourselves.

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