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They did a five round mock draft over at John Sickel's  I am not much of a draft guru(wish I was) so I am curious to know how people would feel if the draft played out this way or similar to it.  The Giants picks were made by a poster named MPK and here is what he thought of his drafting:

Not completely happy with my performance.  Made a mistake or two and screwed up on Fairley's value.  

Got some high-school pitchers I believe in, a couple CFs with high ceilings, and two polished college pitchers.  Just missed on a couple guys I really liked with my 1st couple picks.

Any comments, questions, etc... would be appreciated.

#10 Madison Bumgarner-I was hoping to get a shot at Parker, Heyward, or Detwiler, but it was not to be.  This pick easily could have been Harvey or Aumont, but I liked Bumgarner's easy velocity and athleticism.  Hopefully he can be taught a change to help neutralize righties.  Should I have gone in a different direction here?

#22 Corey Brown-Just missed on Mesoraco and Ahrens here.  Brown isn't a terrible consolation prize as he should stick in center and is a well-rounded offensive player.  I can understand anyone who would take Main here.  Not a huge Borbon or LaPorta fan, so they weren't really options.  Thought about Weathers, but I was pretty sure I could get better value for a fast- moving reliever later in the draft.

#29 Nevin Griffith-Burgess, Schmidt, and Fairley were considered here as well.  Was tempted by Brackman, but there were too many negatives in his total package.  I really like guys who can command and pitch off their fastball, plus Griffith is athletic and projectable.

#32 Wendell Fairley-I goofed here.  Probably coulda nabbed him at 43 and gotten Burgess, Poreda, this slot.  I do however believe in Fairley's ability and the chance he can be an offensive and defensive standout in CF.  Still a risky pick, plus I miscalculated the interest in him so not my best selection.

#43 James Simmons-I really like guys who can pitch off their fastball and Simmons personifies that criteria.  He's still 20, but should move pretty quick and provide some level of immediate security from this draft.

#51 Kyle Blair-Another pick I wish I could have back.  I like Blair's total package (fastball around 90, plus curve, projectable, good makeup, athletic) and believe in his upside, but had him rated similarily to Kentrail Davis and Kellen Kulbacki, and given the state of the Giants farm system a bat may have been better.

#164 Jonathan Holt-One of my favorite picks.  Hopefully he's the 2007 version of Joe Smith.  Another guy with great fastball command. Close to a sidearmer and has excellent control of a high-80's sinker.  Had a 60-4 K/BB ratio for U of Tampa this year.  Decent size, durable, and should be a really fast-mover.  Would have preferred Cory Gearrin because of his slider, but I'm happy with Holt despite the limited upside.

Here is a link to the diary above:

Link to the entire draft so you know who was available when he selected:

Is this how the draft is going to play out with all the hitters gone by #10?  Would you take Matt Dominguez over Bumgarner or is that too big of a reach?  

What would you have done or would like to see?

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